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Welcome to the Development section of the TASIS website! We invite you to browse through our pages and contact us with any questions. The Support TASIS section could not begin with anything other than a short description of the biggest gift of them all: Mrs. Fleming’s contribution.

Toward the end of her life, Mrs. M. Crist Fleming and her family decided to bequeath the TASIS Schools, which she founded and owned, to a non-profit Swiss foundation, the TASIS Foundation, that would be charged with keeping alive her independent-school vision and educational approach for generations to come. The assets of the school in Montagnola were transferred in 1996, and the Development Office was established two years later to help raise funds to support the TASIS mission and Mrs. Fleming’s vision. Since then, hundreds of parents, alumni, and friends have made generous gifts to TASIS to fund scholarships, program enhancements, curriculum enrichment, and facility development. Happily, Mrs. Fleming lived on until 2009, keeping an eye on everything to make sure her famous standards were maintained. But since her passing, we must remember her example, strive to live up to her expectations, and maintain her priorities. Thus beauty will always be an important part of any TASIS campus, and we rejoice in the opportunities to promote cultural understanding by having a campus full of young people from around the globe.

Both the program, which “fills all their waking hours with study, travel, sports, and the arts,” and the beautiful (and old) TASIS campus require constant investment.* Tuition income covers all operating costs, but program enhancements are dependent on generous contributions. If you would like to join other parents, alumni, and friends who help us, please browse this section. Your gift will help provide the unique and wonderful TASIS experience to students from around the globe and will ensure that TASIS remains the world-class educational institution it is today.

Thank you!

Yvonne Procyk
Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations
+ 41 91 960 5181

Find out more about TASIS's past, where our programs and initiatives are today, and how you can make a difference in TASIS's future by consulting Making a Difference, a guide that outlines the school that Mrs. Fleming started, the TASIS Foundation, her Endowment for International Understanding and Leadership, Awards and Scholarships at TASIS, Annual Giving, the MCF Legacy Society, the different ways to give, and more.

* Memorable words taken from the song "Recipe for a school" from MCF: What a Life!, an original musical by Todd Fletcher.