Summer Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the TASIS Summer Programs. In addtion to this form, please remember to submit the following information:

  • Recommendation Form (completed by a current teacher)
  • Health History Form (completed and signed by a parent/guardian)
  • A photo of the student
  • A photocopy of the child’s passport (pages that indicate name, date of birth, nationality, issue date, and expiry date)
  • A non-refundable CHF 1500 deposit (credited towards tuition)

Student Information

Date of Birth*


Date of Birth of Family Member*

If your child has not attended any TASIS summer program but any other child in the family has, we would appreciate if you could provide any other child’s first name and date of birth so that we can better match up with our records. If not, you can leave this section blank.

Contact Information

Parent 1 

Parent 2

Program Selection

Please follow the prompts to select your program, session, residential status, courses, and afternoon activities.

TSP Information

TSP Session 1 ​Residential Status​​​​​​
TSP Session 2​ Residential Status​​​​
TSP Session 1​​​ Courses​​​​​​
TSP Session 2​​ Courses​​​​
* This class is taught in English and requires a good knowledge of the language (upper intermediate or above). Non-native speakers of English will be tested upon arrival. Students who do not meet the requirements will placed in an alternative course.

Optional Afternoon Tracks

(Spaces are limited for the sports tracks. See the catalog or the TASIS Summer Programs website for more information.)

TSP Session 1 Afternoon Tracks​​​​​ (Optional)​​​
TSP Session 2 Afternoon Tracks​​​​​​ ​(Optional)​​​​​

Off-campus permission

Off-campus permission allows your son or daughter to go to the city center of Lugano in small groups. Students will have unsupervised free time while in Lugano. Students are allowed to visit Lugano in groups of 2 or more via taxi or public bus from 17:00–19:15 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. They may also take TASIS buses to Lugano on Thursday evenings.

MSP Information

MSP Session 1 Residential Status​​​​​​
MSP Session 2 Residential Status​​​​​​​​
MSP Course Selection​​​​

Optional Afternoon Tracks

  • Spaces are limited for the sports tracks. See the catalog or the TASIS Summer Programs website for more information.
  • Golf and Tennis are only for intermediate/experienced players.
MSP Session 1 Afternoon Tracks​​​​ (Optional)​
MSP Session 2 Afternoon Tracks​​​​​​ (Optional)​​

CDE Information

CDE Session 1 Residential Status​​​​
CDE Session 2 Residential Status​​​​
For students doing both sessions. If you would like a different sport in Session 2, please make your selection.​

Minnows Information

Day students only, 5 days per week program) Ages 4½–6

Minnows must have turned 4 years old by December 31, 2019

Minnows Session 1 Program​​​​​
Minnows Session 2 Program​​​​​​​

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