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Fourchette Verte

De Nobili Dining Hall Hours

M-F 7:15–9:00
Sa 7:30–9:00
Su 10:00–12:45 (Brunch)
M-F 11:15–13:30
Sa 11:45–13:00
M-Th 17:45–19:00
F-Su 17:45–18:45


Please note that the daily menu is subject to change during academic travel, holidays, and in accordance with seasonal offerings and availability.

Origin of meat served:

If not expressly indicated on the school bulletin boards, the country of origin of the meats and cold cuts is Switzerland.

The country of origin of the Fish, depending on supplies, is reported separately in a chart on the school bulletin board.

items with an asterisk* contain gluten. A substitute will be made available upon request.

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