Shuttle Service

The TASIS Shuttle Service reduces traffic and carbon emissions, saves time for parents, and comes with no extra cost. Students must follow the rules and regulations for bus use outlined below.

Please contact with questions.

Shuttle Service Sign-Up Form

Shuttle Schedule

All-School 7:55
Elementary School 16:00 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
14:55 - Wednesday (ES Wednesday Afternoon Schedule)
Middle and High School 16:00 - Monday–Friday

Shuttle Bus Routes


Morning Shuttle Routes


Afternoon Shuttle Routes

Shuttle Behavior Expectations

  • Students must follow the rules and regulations for shuttle use. Violations may lead to suspension of the student’s right to use the shuttle service or suspension from school.
  • Arrive at the TASIS shuttle stop at least five (5) minutes before pick-up and drop-off time. If, due to traffic and weather conditions, the shuttle arrives a few minutes early, it will not wait until the scheduled  drop-off time. Traffic and weather may also result in a slightly delayed service.
  • Line up in single file to enter the shuttle at the TASIS shuttle stop. Wait for the driver’s instructions to board the shuttle.
  • Upon entering the shuttle, sit down immediately and fasten your seat belt. Drivers cannot stop the bus to ask the students to fasten their belt again.
  • Place all books and belongings where they will not slide or fall.
  • Once seated, stay in your seat until the shuttle comes to a complete stop at your TASIS shuttle stop or at school.
  • Behave on the shuttle as if you were in a classroom. Talk quietly and treat your schoolmates with respect. Use appropriate language.
  • No eating or drinking on the shuttle.
  • Keep arms, legs, and any carry-on items out of the aisle. Keep the aisle clear at all times.
  • Ask the driver for permission before opening windows. Never throw anything out of the windows or put your hands, arms, or head out of the windows.
  • Listen to the driver and follow all instructions promptly.

COVID-19 Safety Regulation

Face masks are required for all drivers and passengers in TASIS vehicles, including children in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade. This includes travel on the TASIS shuttle buses.


Failure to follow the Shuttle Rules will be considered infractions. Three infractions per semester will result in the student not being allowed to use the Shuttle Service.

Electronic Devices on Shuttle Buses

Please note that the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices is not permitted at meals or in the classroom (unless the teacher grants permission for academic purposes). We have recently been made aware of some unfortunate behavior with electronic devices on our shuttles buses—including the playing of inappropriate music/video content at loud volumes—and would like to limit the use of these devices on the rides to and from school, which we consider to be an extension of the school day.

We understand that students may occasionally need to send a quick message home, and that kind of behavior remains acceptable. But we no longer want students to use their devices to play music or videos that other students can hear, take photos or videos of other students, or carry out any other form of inappropriate behavior. Our drivers have been instructed to take devices if they spot this kind of behavior.

We thank you for understanding and ask that you please have a quick conversation with your children to help us enforce this message.

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