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Volleyball - Girls (V) vs. American School of Milan (ASM)

Event Type: Scrimmage

Date: October 14, 2017

Score:25-22, 29-27

Event Recap:

The Varsity Girls Volleyball players made their parents, coaches, and school proud at Saturday's Family Weekend match against the American School of Milan in the TASIS Palestra. The girls knew they were up against a team with an equal skill level and would have to bring their "A-game" Saturday afternoon in order to win. They did just that. All three sets were exciting, but the second set was especially tense as each team continued earning one point, then losing a point, until the score was a nerve-wracking 29–27. (The winning score is typically 25, but you must win by two points.) The first set was close as well at 25–22, but the TASIS girls had to step up their game in the second set as the ASM ladies opened the set quite strongly.

The girls were led by great defense and offense at the net by Jennifer Kraemer '20 and Valentina Correa da Silva '19 and with consistent assists from Luisa Albuquerque Speiski '19 (and a few attacks herself).

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