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Soccer - Boys (V) ISSL

Event Type: Tournament

Date: September 30, 2017


Event Recap:

The Varsity Boys soccer team traveled to the ISSL tournament in Zurich for its first official matches of the season. The first game against ICSZ proved a challenge for the boys. With home-field advantage, ICSZ dominated possession and put two early goals away. The Tigers struggled to find a footing, and with shorter game times they were not able respond. Nevertheless goalkeeper Patryck Herok '20 proved to be a strong force with several key saves. The final score was 2-0 ICSZ.

The following morning the boys took on another local team, ZIS. Even bigger, faster, and more technical, this team came ready to win, but despite that the Tigers stepped up and gave it everything they had. The first half was the most intense competition the boys had seen yet. Captain Andres Pulido '19 at left back was head-to-head with the opposing captain for the full match. Ianis Paval '20 and co-captain Filippo Cipolini '19, the Tiger's center attacking midfielders, showed strength in the middle with teamwork and creative passing. The game finished with a 3-0 loss, but the Tigers put up their best fight.

After a short lunch break, the effects of three games in two days began to show. The Tigers played ISZL and took four low goals to the far post in 30 minutes. At halftime they regrouped and switched up tactics. In the first few minutes, Hankeyoul Lee '18 beat the center back and keeper and scored the team's first goal of the tournament. With renewed intensity, the Tigers stepped up. Alessandro Piermattei '20 drilled another into the net moments later. The energy was up, and when Lee scored yet another goal, the other teams started to watch. With 20 minutes to spare, the Tigers channeled the intensity from earlier in the day, and in the final minute were only one meter away from evening out the score. The match ended 4-3 ISZL, but the tone was positive. The Tigers had made real progress over the course of the two days.

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