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Cross Country (MS) SGIS Championships

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 29, 2018


Event Recap:

ICSZ Middle School Cross Country Championships

“Our running shoes have magic in them—the power to transform a bad day into a good day; frustration into speed; self-doubt into confidence; chocolate cake into muscle.”

Mina Samuels, Run Like a Girl

Middle School Cross Country team:
Grade 6: Platon Bukharin, Max Sulla, and Marco Preatoni
Grade 7: Edoardo Vasino, Max Lim, Enzo Scionti, Denis Voevodin, and Bill Zhang

The Middle School Cross Country team traveled to ICSZ in Zumikon, Zurich, on a beautiful autumn morning to compete in the annual SGIS Cross Country Running Championships, the premier cross country race for the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS).

Out of our 8-strong team, we had only two runners who had competed previously and six competitors for whom this was their first taste of competitive cross country running. 

Everyone on the team completed the race with so much to feel proud of. Marco, Platon, and Max Sulla all ran (raced!) further than they had ever run before, clocking personal bests in the Category E event (2.2 km run in 12:11, 13:22, and 14:02, respectively). They were all tired and quite "out of puff" at the finish line, but they were truly proud of their achievements—as were their teammates and coaches. They placed 28th, 34th, and 35th in the Category E race. Max Sulla deserves a huge pat on the back for having the courage to compete even although he had only joined the team two days prior! 

In the 3.9-km Category C event, Bill was our first TASIS finisher to cross the line with a time of 17.32, followed by Enzo (18.03), Max Lim (18.08), Edoardo (19.06), and Denis (20.23). Max and Edoardo notably improved their times from 2017. Enzo, Denis, and Bill all completed personal bests, and it was good to see them cross the line in good spirit with some energy still left in their tanks.

As coaches, we were particularly impressed by the runners' positive spirit, their readiness to motivate and support each other, and generally their courtesy and good manners throughout the day. It was just a pleasure to spend the day with such cheerful and good-natured athletes. Thank you, boys, for such a positive and fun start to the 2017 season!

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