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Rugby 7s- Boys (V) SGIS

Event Type: Tournament

Date: November 10, 2018

Result:6th Place

Event Recap:
After being unable to field a team for the ZIS Invitational in October, this was the second and final outing of the season for the boys in red and white—the La Chat SGIS Championships in Nyon, Switzerland. Despite the initial enthusiasm, the first two games saw heavy defeats against the hosts Le Chat and visitors ISZL, not to mention the loss of Enrique Avila Asapche ’21 and Giovanni Volpi '20 due to injury. Three games to go and TASIS down to seven players—it was time to roll up the sleeves and dig in. The first try for TASIS came in game three by Nicolas Brinkmann ’20 against eventual tournament winners ZIS, who were more disappointed in conceding the try than TASIS were in losing the game. Perhaps it was the help of the arrival of the light drizzle that helped the Tigers as they began to show their true grit in game four against Le Rosey, which resulted in a narrow defeat and another try from Brinkmann. The final game against CDL also resulted in a narrow loss but with further tries from Brinkmann and captain Alessandro Carlesimo ’22 and spirited performances by all, especially rookie Enzo Furletti Diniz ’20. TASIS should be proud of what it achieved as a team in a tournament as the smallest squad captained by the youngest player of the day, Carlesimo.
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