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Volleyball - Girls (MS) ISSL

Event Type: Tournament

Date: April 21, 2018

Result:3rd Place
Score:Win TASIS 25 - ISZL 12 TASIS 25 - ISZL 9; Loss TASIS 14 - ICS 25 TASIS 14 - ICS 25; Loss TASIS 25 - ZIS 20 TASIS 16 - ZIS 25 TASIS 14 - ZIS 16

Event Recap:
Today we had an amazing three games in Zurich. Due to scheduling conflicts, we only had six girls attend the tournament. Each girl played the entire tournament without any breaks, so overall we are so proud of how they played.

The first game was against ISZL. The girls were very nervous to begin but played a tremendous game, successfully playing as a team and having consistent serves. We have been working on serves in practice and this truly paid off in our first match. 

The second match was against ICS (Inter Community School in Zurich). This team was definitely more experienced and challenged our girls' skills. During the match, the girls started strong but overall were outplayed. Although they lost, they supported and encouraged each other. The girls definitely learned how to overcome disappointment and defeat by letting go of what happened in the past and moving forward.

The final match was against ZIS (Zurich) and the girls got their confidence back. The first match was so much fun to watch. The girls were talking, smiling, and playing very well. They were so happy and were well-matched with ZIS. They kept their momentum going through all three games, especially the last one. It was so close, but unfortunately we lost by a couple points. At the end of this game, the girls were so proud of themselves and realized that although they lost they were winners because they had played their best with only six players.

Overall, the girls did an incredible job and they should be very proud of the hard work and effort they put into playing three matches without having a teammate to give them a rest. What a remarkable day!
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