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Badminton Singles SGIS

Event Type: Tournament

Date: February 16, 2019

Result:Girls: 1st Place, Boys: 3rd Place

Event Recap:

Girls Team = 1st Place
Girls Individual Results: 1st Place = Maria Veronica Ramos '19; 2nd Place = Margarita Ukleina '19; 4th Place = Anna Sautkina '22
Boys Team = 3rd Place

Varsity Girls Badminton Team Repeats as SGIS Champions!
At this weekend's SGIS Badminton Championships at the International School of Lausanne (ISL), our Tigers represented TASIS, the coaches, our athletic program, and, most importantly, themselves with PRIDE. They lived up to the creed posted on the Palestra walls: PRIDE, POISE, and PURPOSE.

Our girls were unstoppable! Anna Sautkina '22 went undefeated throughout the day before barely losing to captain Maria Veronica Ramos '19 in the semifinals. Sautkina played with confidence that we haven't seen all season. Her shot selections and execution were precise and with a purpose. She outplayed and upset many of her rivals, including her own teammate Yuka Tanaka '21 in the Round of 16. Tanaka also had an amazing tournament, going through her pool with PURPOSE and outwitting her opponents along the way. She also beat out a rival player from ICSZ who had just beaten one of our top players, one of the biggest upsets of the day! Well done, Yuka!

At the same time, Margarita Ukleina '19 fought her way through illness to upset rivals from ICSZurich who had beaten her all season. Ukleina has never been more focused and was determined to make this last SGIS her best. She was POISED when she faced off against the ESC Champion, who was undefeated this season, and whom she had lost to in the Pool Play. Ukleina was in the zone as she won point after point and defeated her arch-rival by a very large margin!

At the end, Ukelina and Ramos had to face off in the championship match, a three-game series with each game played to 21 points. The opener was back and forth, with Ramos ultimately taking control and winning 21-18. Ukleina then came back and won the second game 21-17. We knew the third game would be tough, as it had been a very long day for both girls. Smashes and saves went back and forth, with Ramos finally claiming the SGIS Championships by just three points. Ramos and Ukleina became the first SGIS champion and runner-up at TASIS! To top it off, the TASIS B team also claimed the third-place trophy in addition to the TASIS A team's CHAMPIONSHIP! Congratulations to ladies for back-to-back SGIS titles!

Varsity Boys Badminton Team Posts Best Finish at SGIS to Date!
Our Boys Badminton players knew they had to really play smart and tough if they were to contend for any of the trophies. With more than 30 players battling it out, every point was important. Our top two players, Matt Meng '21 and Minjoon Seo '19, were in very tough pools that featured some strong club-level players. As a result, they struggled throughout the morning and had a difficult time coming back from their numerous defeats in the Pool Play.

At the same time, up-and-coming star Giulio Bianco '21 showed off his tenacity and endurance by outplaying some very tough competitors en route to a spot in the Round of 16. Bianco upset two very strong players with some clever shot selections. Although nervous and unsure of himself at the beginning, he pushed through and showed that he had more inside of him than he thought. Soon enough, that confidence guided him on through to the round of Elite Eight—more than he had hoped for!

Similar to Bianco, Ivan Linnikov '22, one of the most athletic students at TASIS, showed that he also had the skills and will power to move forward to the Elite Eight. He will be one of the strongest players to watch in the coming years.

Joining Linnikov and Bianco in the Round of 16 were Meng and Lovnesh Bhardwaj '19. Meng, Linnikov, and Bianco were eventually ousted in the Elite Eight. At the end, the team was rewarded with the best-ever finish for TASIS in this very competitive tournament: third place! Well done, boys!

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