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Badminton ISSL

Event Type: Regular

Date: January 13, 2018

Score:TASIS won girls 1st and 2nd; TASIS won boys 2nd and 3rd

Event Recap:

TASIS showed excellent determination during this extremely competitive event, which included club opponents.
The team tried new approaches in its returns and succeeded with this approach. Many students won games despite being down early in their matches. In addition, the TASIS players showed wonderful sportsmanship, reaching out to opponents and rekindling friendships with those they have played numerous times before.

TASIS captured the championship title in the girls’ tournament, with Stacey Kirsanova ’19 taking first place, Margarita Ukleina ’19 taking second, and Maria Veronica Ramos Romero ’19 taking fourth. In the boys’ bracket, Matt Meng ’21 finished second and Hankeyoul Lee ’18 took third.

This was an excellent tournament, showcasing both the sportsmanship and skills of the Varsity Badminton team.

The coaches were very proud of the team’s determination and success.

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