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Volleyball - Girls (JV) ISSL

Event Type: Tournament

Date: September 15, 2018

Result:2nd Place

Event Recap:

The JV Volleyball Girls opened its season with a tournament at ISZL in Zug, where the Togers played against ISZL, ZIS, ICS, and ICB. The girls banded together in their first game of the day against their strongest competitor, ZIS, bringing good sportsmanship, attitudes, and encouragement to their teammates on and off the court. The team saw killer serves from Airie Barnes '20 and Donee Rollins '21 while consistent serves from Caio Zanon '21 and Masha Mochnalnikova '22 and great defense from Giulia Meregalli '20 helped the girls earn more wins throughout the day. In the final match, the girls pushed through a tie-breaking third game for a win against ISZL. Every player got court time at the tournament, and the coaches see a lot of potential for an excellent season. Go Tigers!

Time Court 1   Court 3
08:30 warm-up
09:00 ICS 1-2 ISB   ZIS 2-0 ISZL
10:15 ISZL 2-1 ISB   ZIS 2-0 TASIS
11:30 ZIS 2-0 ISB   ICS 0-2 TASIS
12:45 ISB 0-2 TASIS   ISZL 0-2 ICS
14:00 ISZL 1-2 TASIS   ZIS 2-0 ICS
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