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Soccer - Boys (MS) ISSL

Event Type: Tournament

Date: September 15, 2018

Result:3rd Place

Event Recap:





The TASIS Middle School Boys Soccer team hosted the ISSL tournament, located in nearby Cademario. TASIS faced four tough opponents in the "Middle School Boys B Group" with schools from Zurich, Zug, and Basel.

After a thorough warm-up, TASIS faced The Inter-Community School Zürich (ICSZ) in the opening morning match. Both teams began the game tentatively, waiting to see who was going to make the first move. As time went on in the first half, both teams began to grow in confidence, and chances in front of goal were apparent. After some intricate play from TASIS, the ball made its way to captain Pedro Frascogna on the left wing. He was able to send the ball soaring past the goalkeeper’s left hand side into the back of the net. Unfortunately, the Tigers were unable to hold on to the lead for very long, and ICSZ managed to score a further two goals in the second half. This resulted in the final score being TASIS 1–3 ICSZ. The opening result was not what TASIS was hoping for, but there were plenty of learning points to take from the game to move forward into the additional three fixtures in the competition.

After a break in the schedule, TASIS faced the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) in its second game. The away team started the quickest out of the two sides and began to look dangerous on the counter attack when moving the ball forward. Before the halftime whistle was blown, ISZL had managed to squeeze two goals into the back of the host side’s net. The Tigers regrouped at the interval, however, and against all odds managed to pull the game back to a 3–2 victory. This result opened the table up, meaning at the halfway stage any one of the five teams in the B Group could have taken the trophy home with them.

After refueling the energy stores at lunch, TASIS faced (the resulting overall winners) Zurich International School (ZIS) in its penultimate game of the competition. ZIS traveled to Cademario with a vast number of extremely talented football players on their squad and managed to beat the Tigers, but not without conceding a well-deserved goal in the process.

With legs beginning to tire after three 30-minute football matches, TASIS had one final opportunity to stamp its mark on competition against The International School of Basel (ISB). TASIS was determined to leave nothing out on the football pitch, and the whole team worked together in search of the opening goal. At the halftime stage, the game was at a tense 1–1 draw. With an injection of fresh legs into the side in the second half, TASIS continued to push forward in search of the winning goal. After 30 minutes of end-to-end, nail-biting football, the game finished as a draw with both teams happy to share the points.

The Tigers came away from Cademario with their heads held extremely high. Improvements in team and individual performances were evident as the tournament progressed. In addition to this, every student played all games showing a high level of sportsmanship and the players were very supportive of one another, representing themselves and the school very well. Some standout performances from Michael Maffe, Tommaso Danisi, and Pedro Frascogna have to be mentioned. This set of results was extremely impressive from TASIS, considering that this was the first ever time the squad of eight students played a competitive football match together, and the team had only two training sessions before the opening tournament.


4 A Teams = 2x20min with rolling subs (2min. Half Time)
        MS Boys A W L D PTS. PLACE:   MS Boys B W L D PTS. PLACE:
5 B Teams = 2x15min. with rolling subs (2min. Half Time)
        ICSZ I I I 4 2nd   ICSZ II   II 8 2nd
7 a-side (smaller goals)
        ISB   III     4th   ISB   II II 2 5th
          ISZL I I I 4 3rd   ISZL I III   3 4th
          ZIS III     9 1st   TASIS I II I 4 3rd
                    ZIS III   I 10 1st
Pick Up ZIS & ISZL A
      WIN = 3 pts. LOSS = 0 pts. DRAW=1 pt.
Hosted by TASIS - Cademario Field
2x20min with rolling subs 2x15min with rolling subs  
Field Location/Address:
A Team Field #1 RESULTS: Field #2 RESULTS: B Team  
Campo meriggio
09:00 ICSZ v. ISB 6 v 1 ISZL v. TASIS 2 v 3 09:00  
Via Lisone 3
      ICSZ v. ISB 0 v 0 09:35  
6936 Cademario
10:00 ISZL v. ZIS 0 v 3 ISZL v. ZIS 0 v 2 10:10                        
      ICSZ v. TASIS 3 v 1 10:45  
Tournament Director's Number:
11:00 ISB v. ZIS 0 v 3 ISB v. ZIS 0 v 5 11:20  
Sonny Lim's Contact Number: 79 702 52 74
12:00 ICSZ v. ISZL 0 v 0 ICSZ v. ISZL 5 v 1 11:55                        
      TASIS v. ZIS 1 v 7 12:30                        
13:00 ISB v. ISZL 1 v 5 ISB v. ISZL 1 v 2 13:05                        
14:00 ICSZ v. ZIS 1 v 3 ICSZ v. ZIS 0 v 0 13:40                        
      ISB v. TASIS 1 v 1 14:15                        
14:45 Presentation                                
Arrive at Lugano SBB
Train Departs for Zurich, Zug and Basel

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