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Event Type: Regular

Date: March 9, 2019

Score:5th Place

Event Recap:

5th Place

Team finish - 5th (408 pts)
Boys finish - 4th (228 pts)
Girls finish - 6th (150 its)

March 8–9 saw the Varsity Boys and Girls Swim teams head to Lausanne for the final swim meet of the year. After a 5-hour train ride, we arrived at the pool. With only 11 swimmers, we entered all of the relays and a number of individual events.

To start off our last competition of the season, veteran participant Raffaela Alencar Barros '19 dove in for the 200-meter Individual Medley (possibly the most grueling event of the weekend). She exited the pool a few minutes later (3:26.31 to be exact) with a 5th-place finish!

Continuing that great start were our medley relay teams. The girls’ team—Georgia Ferrari '20, Maja Pszczola '22, Valentina Alencar Barros '22, and Samantha Walker '19—finished in 6th place overall with a time of 3:08.80.

Impressed by the girls’ efforts, our boys’ medley relay—Zhantemir Sarsenov '21, Patryk Herok '20, Emiliano Rodriguez '21, and Filip Savrasov '20—took the proverbial baton the distance for a 4th-place finish in 2:22.13!

Next up were our butterfly specialists. Earning 9th place and 10th place respectively in the girls’ 50-meter butterfly were Airi Barnes '20 (44.09) and Pszczola (48.44)! For the boys, Herok finished in 2nd place (28.57) while teammate Marco de Cristofaro '20 (35.19) took 8th.

Going a little longer distance for the girls in the breaststroke were Barnes, who completed the 100-meter distance in 1:47.25 for an overall place of 8th, and Walker, who took 9th with a time of 1:56.12. Watching the girls’ strong performances encouraged Savrasov to push his way to an 8th-place finish for the distance in 1:48.24.

Switching to backstroke, three great swims awaited the Tigers in the 50-meter distance. Ferrari sprinted to 6th place in a time of 43.25, Pszczola was one place behind in a time of 43.75, and Sarsenov darted to a 4th-place finish with a time of 35.00!

Nearing the finish of the weekend competition, our 100-meter freestylers were up. Raffaela Alencar Barros finished in a lifetime best time of 1:18.31 for 6th place, and Pszczola (who swam more events than any Tiger at this competition) finished in 12th with a time of 1:28.87. Motivated by the team’s performances thus far, de Cristofaro and Rodriguez put up some great efforts with 4th and 7th places, respectively…in times of 1:06.31 and 1:10.75! Again, both lifetime best times.

The next “team” relay of the competition was all freestyle. The TASIS team of Barnes, Ferrari, Pszczola, and Valentina Alencar Barros finished the 200-meter distance in 5th place with a time of 2:27.75. Clearly motivated by the girls’ result, the boys 200-meter freestyle relay (Savrasov, de Cristofaro, Sarsenov, and Rodriguez) nearly won the entire event! They finished in 2nd with a season-best time of 1:59.75.

Trying their “hands” (and feet) at another individual medley event, Raffaela Alencar Barros swam to a 10th-place finish in 1:31.72, followed by fellow senior Walker in 1:58:10 for a 13th-place final result. In the boys’ division, Herok earned a gold medal in a time of 1:09.94, with a valiant effort by Sarsenov, who placed 5th with a lifetime best of 1:19.94.

Ferrari (8th, 47.93) and Valentina Alencar Barros(10th, 49.64) both did lifetime best times in the 50-meter breaststroke, as did our boys’ entrant, Savrasov, who finished 8th with a time of 48.22.

The event everyone was waiting for was next: the 50-meter freestyle (the equivalent of the 100-meter dash in track & field). TASIS finishers were as follows: 

  • Girls: Barnes (11th, 34.94), Ferrari (18th, 38.00), Walker (20th, 49.07) 
  • Boys: Herok (2nd, 26.63), Sarsenov (5th, 27.99), de Cristofaro (8th, 29.19), Savrasov (9th, 31.06), Rodriguez (10th, 31.36). In this event, TASIS represented 5 of the top 10 finishers!

Challenging the 200-meter IM as the most difficult event in the lineup is the 100-meter butterfly. Freshman Pszczola “took one for the team” in 2:06.63… winding up in 4th place! Good job and thank you, Maja!

Similar to the competition’s beginning, Raffaela Alencar Barros gave an amazing and strategic effort in the 200-meter freestyle (one of Michael Phelps’s best events). She ended up with her best performance of the meet, finishing in 3rd place in a time of 2:54.58! Knowing how hard their teammate just worked, Sarsenov and Savrasov pushed their bodies to the limit in the same event, finishing in 4th (2:33.06) and 5th (2:49.88), respectively.Anchoring the amazing efforts of the weekend was our 200-meter medley MIXED (boys and girls) relay! Herok, Raffaela Alencar Barros, de Cristofaro, and Valentina Alencar Barros blazed to an impressive 4th-place finish in a time of 2:31.94!

The team ended up 5th place overall with many lifetime best performances, lots of cheering, and an appetite for next year.

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