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Basketball - Boys (V) ISSL

Event Type: Tournament

Date: January 12, 2019

Result:3rd Place

Event Recap:

TASIS 37 - 60 ISZL

TASIS 47 - 22 ICSZ

TASIS 33 - 42 ZIS


The ISSL Tournament hosted at TASIS provided the Varsity Boys Basketball team some much-needed competition against some tough teams from the region. In the end, the boys fared quite well despite an opening-game loss to a very good and impressive-shooting ISZL team (five 3-pointers). The game's outcome was primarily decided in the second quarter when the opponents outscored TASIS 21-9, with the Tigers were forced to play catch up the rest of the way. This game was very useful for recognizing the home team's strengths and weaknesses.

The Tigers’ tournament win came in their second game against weaker opponent ICSZ. The home team took it to them early and throughout the game, outscoring ICSZ 22-4 in the opening quarter and never looking back. Two of TASIS's go-to players had breakout games and provided the bulk of the scoring. Cem Koprulu '19 was the game's high scorer with 18 points while Nicholas Brinkmann '20 contributed an impressive 13. Leading TASIS impressively from the backcourt was point guard Pablo Rivero '20, who showcased his impressive ball-handling skills and passing ability.

The TASIS boys reserved their best collective effort for their final match against an always strong and impressive ZIS squad, the eventual tournament winner. The home team refused to be intimidated and kept up with the pace of ZIS step for step throughout most of the game, only to let the game slip away toward the latter part of the final quarter. The lack of consistency in scoring was what did TASIS in as they were held off the scoreboard in the third quarter (11-0).

The game, and the tournament as a whole, acted as a benchmark for the Tigers, who demonstrated that with a determined effort by all, quality team defense, and scoring from key players, the TASIS squad will be a tough opponent for all.

2019 ISSL Varsity Boys Basketball Championships 2019 ISSL Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament
  January 11th/12th at TASIS                          
  Varsity Boys Teams:   Tournament Results
  ICSZ Inter Community School Zurich                          
  ISZL International School Zug & Luzern     ICSZ ISZL ZIS TASIS WIN: LOSS: POINTS: BM: BA: BDIFF: PLACE:
  ZIS Zurich International School   ICSZ   27 - 75 11 - 86 22 - 47 - III - 60 208 -148 4
  TASIS The American School In Switzerland   ISZL     40 - 70 60 - 37 II I 6 175 134 41 2
          ZIS       42 - 33 III - 9 198 84 114 1
  Tournament Schedule   TASIS         I II 3 117 124 -7 3
  Friday, Jan. 11th RESULTS:             WIN=3pts. LOSS=0pts. TIE=1pt.
  17:30 TASIS vs. ISZL 37 - 60                          
  Saturday, Jan. 12th RESULTS:                          
  9:00 ZIS vs. ICSZ 86 - 11                          
  10:30 ISZL vs. ZIS 40 - 70                          
  11:45 ISZL vs. ICSZ 75 - 27                          
  13:15 TASIS vs. ICSZ 47 - 22                          
  14:30 TASIS vs. ZIS 33 - 42                          
  15:45 Awards/Clean Up/Departure                          
  4 x 8min. Quarters - Stopped Clock                            
  1 minute between quarters /3 minutes Half Time                          
  3 min. Overtime - Stopped Clock                            
  Time-Outs: 2 for 1st half and 3 for 2nd half+1 for Overtime, no carry-overs                          
  Lunch: Hot Buffet served 11:45-13:00 or Sack Lunches (CHF12)                          
  11:45 - ISZL should eat Lunch                            
  12:45 - TASIS should eat Lunch                            
  ICSZ = Sack Lunches? ZIS eating on their own in Snack Bar.                          
  Transportation Schedule/Request:                          
  16:18 - Pick-Up at Besso Parking Lot (ISZL)                          
  19:00 - Drop Off at Besso (ISZL)                          
  08:15 - Pick-Up at Besso Parking Lot (ICSZ & ZIS)                          
  9:15 - Pick-Up at Besso Parking Lot (ISZL)                          
  14:45 - Drop-Off at Besso Parking Lot (ISZL &ICSZ)                          
  15:45 - Drop-Off at Besso Parking Lot (ZIS)                          
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