Awards and Scholarships

The TASIS Foundation Inc. currently manages three funds that have been established by alumni or alumni parents to reward students for their achievements in a given field. Together with these awards, TASIS maintains an annual CHF 2,000,000 scholarship and financial aid budget.

Would you like to sponsor a scholarship or program, or endow an academic Department Chair at TASIS? If you would like to explore the possibility of establishing your own restricted Fund at TASIS to honor a loved one or to support a project close to your heart, we look forward to working with you to discover where your interests lie and where your gift can make the greatest impact.

With any questions, contact Yvonne Procyk, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations, at or + 41 91 960 5181.

The Cathy Clark Memorial Fund

The Cathy Clark Memorial Fund was established by alumni parents Col. Robert and Mrs. Ann Clark in memory of their daughter, Catherine Elizabeth Clark. Cathy attended TASIS for six years and graduated in 1987 before dying in a traffic accident at the age of 26. Cathy credited TASIS with giving her opportunities and skills that brought her an advantage in life. Because of this, her parents chose to honor her memory by creating a scholarship at the School. The $3,600 award is in the form of scholarship aid to assist in covering educational travel and tuition expenses, and it is awarded annually to a junior who shows exceptional dedication to community service

The Cathy Clark Scholarship recipients to date:

2001 - Mehron Torrans '02
2002 - Kiril Mondeshki '03
2003 - Danilo Santucci '04
2004 - Levent Turkmen '05 
2005 - Hailey Parsons '06 
2006 - Hristina Kircheva '07 
2007 - Robin Gilli '08
2008 - Jennifer Tollefson '09
2009 - Sylvie Coll '10
2010 - Selina Baechli '11
2011 - Lydia Lee '12 (pictured)
2012 - Savannah Renauldi '13
2013 - Deborah Russo '14 
2014 - Farrah Elaraby '15
2015 - Isabella Piconi '16
2016 - Hannah Gage '17
2017 - Angelina Not '18
2018 - Diana Khassanova '19

The Pritzlaff Leadership Award

The Pritzlaff Leadership Award was initiated by alumnus John Pritzlaff '72. It recognizes a junior who takes a leading role in community service. The citation reads: “Awarded to a student [senior through 2006; since 2007, a junior] who demonstrates dedication to public service outside the TASIS community, and who encourages the involvement of other TASIS students in the public service ideal.” The $500 annual award may be used for tuition expenses or donated to a non-profit organization of the recipient’s choice.

The Pritzlaff Leadership Award recipients to date: 

2001 - Tessa Klein '01
2002 - Mayu Arimura '02
2003 - Melissa Klein '03
2004 - Masa Yo '04
2005 - Shila Tursini '05
2006 - Stefano Vaglietti '06
2007 - Katie Howell '08
2008 - Sabrina Chu '09
2009 - Andrew Pelly '10
2010 - Mark Pate '11 (pictured)
2011 - Kate Robinson '12
2012 - Sarah Wyler '13
2013 - Nicole Toussaint '14
2014 - Hailey Hibbard '15
2015 - Edoardo Italia '16
2016 - Aida Loggiodice '17
2017 - Asia Roveda '18
2018 - Maria Veronica Ramos Romero '19

The Edward E. (Ned) & Edyth K. (Dee) Lynch Fund

The Edward E. (Ned) & Edyth K. (Dee) Lynch Fund was initiated by Ned Lynch PG '66 to honor the memory of his parents, who recognized the importance of the TASIS international educational experience. Once the fund reaches its target value, it will provide a scholarship and/or academic travel financial aid. To be eligible, a student will need to demonstrate academic achievement, established community leadership and involvement, and enthusiasm for the opportunity to study abroad.

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