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HS Weekly Bulletin | April 20, 2018
Posted 04/20/2018 10:00AM

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

- Samuel Johnson

Reflections from the Headmaster

What do you need to know?
In one of my news feeds I encountered a bit of travel writing recommending a trip to Sicily to see Mount Etna. The writer mentioned that you can see the glow of lava at night from many parts of the island. This image struck me as beautiful, so I shared it with my family while driving in the car, suggesting that we may want to visit Sicily in the future.

My oldest son asked, “Wasn’t Sicily Carthage at one time?” a question no doubt inspired by one of his former history lessons. I was taken aback that any of my sons would reference Carthage, and all of a sudden I had to iterate on my rusty knowledge of ancient history: Sicily… Italy…Roman Empire…Carthage…North Africa…Punic Wars...“Yes,” I answered, “I believe so,” assuming (and hoping) he was correct.

Within the profession of education, if you can believe it, there is an ongoing debate that pits thinking skills and content knowledge against each other. E.D. Hirsch, founder of Core Knowledge (the backbone and the inspiration of the curriculum at TASIS), believes that this is a false argument.

Hirsch points out that thinking skills are “domain specific,” meaning that scientific thinking requires scientific knowledge, mathematical thinking requires knowledge and mastery of mathematical operations, historical thinking requires knowledge of history, and so on. In order to think like a scientist, I should have knowledge of the valves of the heart, the parts of an atom, and Newton’s laws of motion, for instance.

Which is more important, thinking skills or knowledge? To me, this is like asking which is more important, the roots and trunk of a tree or its leaves and branches? Can we imagine one without the other?

My son will not know everything about the Punic Wars by the time he is 18—far from it. But he and students like him have a fighting chance of becoming excellent and knowledgeable thinkers when they are exposed to the rich world of academic content at schools like TASIS. Perhaps one day he can answer a question about the Punic Wars for his son with even greater authority than his Dad did.

– Christopher Nikoloff, Headmaster

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 21 TPA Spring Gala: Building the Future • Palestra
Wednesday, April 25 HS Parent Coffee | Walk for Water
Thursday, April 26 Used Uniform Sale • Monticello
Thursday, April 26–Sunday May 18 IB Exams
Monday, May 7–Friday, May 18 AP Exams
Thursday, May 17–Sunday, May 20 Spring Arts Festival
Friday, May 18–Sunday, May 20 MS Musical • Palmer Center
Thursday, May 31–Friday, June 1 ES Musical • Palmer Center

Silent Auction and Raffle for TPA Spring Gala

Those who are not attending Saturday night’s "Building the Future" Spring Gala are still welcome to participate in the Raffle and the Silent Auction. Raffle tickets will be sold on campus through May 7, and bids can be placed for the Silent Auction by using this link.

School Portraits: Order by April 23 for Free Shipping

If you have attempted to order portrait prints from Rotary Portraits with free delivery to TASIS, please note that their ordering system has been updated and the deadline for free shipping to TASIS is now April 23.

If you have any questions about the ordering process or your order code, please send an email to

Join Us for the 6th Annual Walk for Water on April 25

The student-directed TASIS Service Learning Board will host the 6th annual Walk for Water on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 25. The event, which consists of carrying a 10–20 kilogram bucket of water around a one-kilometer course in order to simulate what many people in the developing world must go through daily to secure clean water, will help generate funds for clean water initiatives carried out by Gram Vikas, a TASIS Global Service Program partner that has been working with the rural people of Orissa, India, for nearly 40 years with the aim of building an equitable and sustainable society where people live in peace with dignity.

Students of all ages and their family members are encouraged to participate in this year’s event. Participants should wear a blue shirt and can report to the gazebo by the main campus entrance at any time between 15:30–17:45 to begin the walk, which takes less than half an hour to complete. No water will be wasted: it will all be recycled into the School's underground holding tank and used for gardening.

Global Service Program Director Zach Mulert also asks families to please consider pledging their support for this important cause by donating a small amount of money for each person who completes the walk. “Whether you donate CHF 1 for every participant (last year we had over 125 people do just that!), or set a cap—for example, CHF 1 for up to 50 participants—our collective efforts will not only incentivize students to participate but will also make a direct impact on those without access to clean drinking water,” he said. Please contact Mr. Mulert at to make a pledge.

Inspired by Sarah Wyler ’13, the Walk for Water has now rallied more than 500 participants and raised more than CHF 5600 for clean water initiatives in Nepal, Kenya, and India—countries where the Global Service Program continues to send students. A record 119 TASIS students, faculty, staff, and community members completed last year’s walk, raising more than CHF 1100.

Used Uniform Sale on April 26

The TPA will host a Used Uniform Sale on Thursday, April 26, from 14:00–16:30 in front of Monticello (main TASIS campus).

Mini UK University and Foundation Program Fair on April 30

The College Counseling Office will host a Mini UK University and Foundation Program Fair in the Palmer Center on Monday, April 30, from 18:30–19:40. This is a required event for all juniors applying to the UK, but all other High School students and parents are also encouraged to attend. It will provide participants an insight into the range of higher education provision in the UK (state, private, and foundation) commonly attended by TASIS students. The following representatives from UK universities will be in attendance:

The program will be divided into three sections:

1) The representatives will briefly describe their institutions and the programs they offer. They will also explain what they look for in applicants and discuss the content of personal statements.

2) A panel question-and-answer session will allow participants to ask general questions about universities in the UK, the application process, etc.

3) Students and parents will have an opportunity to speak to the representatives individually, ask more specific questions, collect brochures, etc.

Representatives from Five Universities to Visit TASIS on May 1

Representatives from Saint Louis University Madrid, Franklin University Switzerland, John Cabot University, Richmond The American International University in London, and Webster University Geneva will visit TASIS on Tuesday, May 1, at 15:45 in the College Counseling Office. Interested students in grades 10, 11, 12, and PG should register via Naviance to attend the meetings.

Athletics Results

Upcoming Athletic Events
April 20
Varsity Cross Country • ESC Championships Away
April 22
Varsity Tennis • SGIS Girls Singles Championships
April 24 Varsity Golf • SGIS Championships Away
Recent Athletic Results
April 17 Varsity Cross Country • NISSA Championships 1st Place: Boys and Girls
April 14
Varsity Tennis • SGIS Boys Singles Championships
8th Place


Reserve Your Seats for the Middle School Musical, Beauty and the Beast JR.

Based on the Academy Award-winning motion picture and the original Broadway production that ran for more than 13 years and was nominated for nine Tony Awards, the TASIS Middle School's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR. will be performed in the Palmer Center on the evenings of May 18–19 and on the afternoon of May 20.

Visit the registration page to learn more and reserve your seats.

Elementary School Musical to Premiere on May 31

Directed by Mr. and Mrs. Frazier-Smith, Cry Wolf—an original musical written by Stephanie Figer, TJ Liquori, and Mikey Rosenbaum, three veteran members of the TASIS Summer Programs' Dedicated Performing Arts Team (DPAT)—will enjoy its European premiere in the Palmer Center on the evening of Thursday, May 31, at 19:00 and will also be performed at 19:00 on Friday, June 1.

Reserve your seats and learn more about the show at

A Note About Dietary Requests

Please note that our Chef and his team take great care to provide students a wide variety of food that respects religious requirements, common allergies, and Cantonal guidelines. All food allergies and serious intolerances should be reported to the Nurses and must be supported by a letter from a doctor. The School cannot accommodate individual dietary requests that are not related to a proven food allergy or intolerance.

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