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High School Announces Theater and Spring Athletics Awards
Posted 05/16/2016 11:15AM

Twenty TASIS High School students were recognized for their theatrical or athletic achievements at a special assembly on May 12. Below is a list of the Spring 2016 recipients.

Theater Awards

2016 Love's Labour's Lost Award

Love’s Labour’s Lost (Fall Play)

Directed by Valerie Bijur Carlson

Coach’s Awards: Amanda McAfee (Stage Manager) and John Gage (Actor)

2016 Kiss Me Kate Award

Kiss Me, Kate (Spring Musical)

Directed by Valerie Bijur Carlson

Coach’s Awards: Aida Loggiodice (Scenic Artist) and Jonathan Xie (Actor)

Spring Athletics Awards

2016 TASIS Golf

Varsity Golf

Head Coach: Todd Matthew

Coach’s Award: Alejandro Capdevielle ’17
Most Improved Player: Zainab Qureshi ’17
Most Valuable Player: Sara Posada ’16

2016 TASIS Tennis

Varsity Tennis

Head Coach: Peter Locke

Coach’s Award: Carmen Alban ’16
Most Improved Player: Alessandra Ponzone ’17
Most Valuable Player: Nadir Timerbaev ’19

2016 TASIS Lacrosse 

Varsity Lacrosse

Head Coach: Eric Walser

Coach’s Award: Theo Blank ’18
Most Improved Player: Alois de Bruin ’16
Most Improved Player: Gabriel Mesquita ’18
Most Valuable Player: Anthony Banez ’16

2016 Track and Field

Varsity Track and Field

Head Coach: Greg Birk

Coach’s Awards: Laura Vecoli ’17 and Lee Hankeyoul ’18
Most Improved Players: Anna Mizintseva ’18 and Nicola Barbieri ’18
Most Valuable Players: Molly Hercules ’16 and Antonella Piconi ’16


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