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Learning Specialist
Posted 05/06/2019 08:49AM

We are seeking a learning specialist to provide Basic Learning Support Services and deliver remediation (particularly math remediation) to students in grades 6-12 who are enrolled in the LRC.  The position entails being the case manager for up to 20 students, which involves the following duties:

Specific responsibilities:

  • Contacting parents and students with an introductory letter
  • Reading the psycho-educational evaluation and writing a Learning Support Plan
  • Organizing a yearly LSP meeting with the student (where appropriate), his/her parents, Advisor and teachers
  • Communicating relevant aspects of the student’s LSP to appropriate faculty staff (i.e., dorm parents, coaches, Academic Travel leaders, etc).
  • Meeting with each student individually a minimum of once per week
  • Deliver ongoing individual remediation on a case-by-case basis
  • Write bi-yearly progress reports for each student
  • Attend weekly LRC meetings
  • Organize transition meetings
  • Liaise with parents, teachers, administrators, school counselors, nurses and college counselors as needed
  • Attend Family Weekend and scheduled parent-teacher conferences
  • General administrative tasks as needed

Summary of education background and professional experience:

  • A Master’s Degree in Education with specialization in Special Education
  • Certified in the delivery of remediation programs for specific learning disabilities
  • Experience with differentiation in the classroom
  • Experience working within a boarding school setting

Professional skills:

  • An understanding of the interplay amongst learning differences, psychiatric diagnoses, and academic, psychological/emotional functioning
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Strong pro-active and flexible problem solving skills
  • Ability to handle stressful on the spot situations
  • Awareness of EAL issues and the potential overlap with specific learning disabilities


Interested candidates should complete the Faculty Employment Application.

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