All-Class Reunion | Aspen
Posted 03/17/2009 03:00PM

A large group of alumni from classes as far apart as 1962 and 2008 descended on Aspen (or should that be "ascended"?) to compete for skiing honors in three categories, men, women and non-alumni. The rest of the weekend was spent in convivial social gatherings on and off piste - including a welcome cocktail, a Swiss picnic with sausages, cheese, and wine at the Buckhorn cabin, and the Awards dinner and dance at Elks Lodge. TASIS Aspenites attended in force, but others traveled in from as far afield as Florida and even from Germany.

Hans Figi '75 won the men's race for the second year in a row, beating John Pritzlaff '72 by a tiny fraction of a second. John looks forward to revenge in 2010! Debbie Lichtenberg '71 took the honors in the women's race ahead of Kat Pitner ‘62. Everyone received a souvenir medal with TASIS/Ticino ribbon.

Kim Edwards '98 and Kat Pitner '62 used their insider knowledge (both work with Aspen Ski Corp) to help plan the event and make it run smoothly. Huge thanks to them, and to all others who contributed items, time or energy into making the weekend a towering success.

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