All-Class Reunion | Istanbul
Posted 02/25/2009 03:30PM

The spectacular view of the Bosphorus from the venue went almost unnoticed as alumni socialized with their peers and made new acquaintances among alumni from different eras. The slideshow of yearbook photos of participants met with delighted approval (and caused some good-natured teasing), while the star of the 'Campus Today' slideshow was undoubtedly Angelo Piattini, whose image stimulated discussion in the 80s group on which of his panini they liked best. Ferit Şahenk '83, addressed the gathering with remarks and reminiscences of his time at the school, the value of the TASIS experience in setting the scene for his subsequent career, and his admiration and love for Mrs. Fleming. TASIS Board Chairman, Lynn Fleming Aeschliman '63, and Hans Figi '75 also delivered remarks. A group of six, including Lynn Fleming Aeschliman '63, Ferit Şahenk '83, and other alumni from the 80s ceremonially cut the specially-baked TASIS cake with a sword, and all agreed the Lamp of Wisdom was clearly modeled on Aladdin's lamp.

Finally, great thanks to Ferit Şahenk and his team for handling the local arrangements in Istanbul.  Çok teşekkür ederim!


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