Class of '75 - 40th Anniversary Reunion | Pasadena
Posted 06/09/2016 03:11PM

It is hard to believe how quickly the time passed at our very fun gathering in Pasadena, CA, and the larger and VERY special TASIS gathering. Amazing how everyone really looks the same—some 40 years later! My biggest personal challenge was to mentally acknowledge that we are all actually adults and not our 17 year old selves...(Okay— sometimes Roubik and Ali were still joking around, and it did not seem like the years had advanced at all :)…) 

We had a lovely group of 25 for cocktails and dinner on Friday night, allowing us to spend some great time reacquainting and meeting new people. On Saturday we had a great lunch in old Pasadena with a group of 19—and no one wanted to leave! Then back to the hotel, or other endeavors, to get ready for the Saturday night party that surpassed all expectations.

Linda Jaekel Avery '75

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