Multi-Class Reunion | Taipei
Posted 10/15/2012 02:00PM

Photo: Top Row: Lu Yang ’97, Chih-Kang Tou ’94 with wife and baby, Alex Shih-Chieh Lin ’94, Nobuhito Kikukawa ’95, David Badgley, Ocean Gebhardt ’96
Bottom Row: Harris Ma ’95, Terry Wang ’98, Chung-Jen Lien ’94, Yu Chen Lin ’96, Miwako Kikukawa

Nobuhito Kikukawa ’95 and his wife Miwako visited Taiwan in October, which provided the perfect excuse for a reunion. They met up with a dozen TASIS alumni as well as David Badgley, who has taught in Taipei since leaving TASIS in 2001. The venue was the new wine bar owned by Harris Ma ’95 and Yu Chen Lin ’96, which everyone agreed was the perfect location for an alumni gathering. They spent the evening reminiscing and catching up on old times. The wine was plentiful as were the TASIS memories! 

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