All-Class Reunion | Los Angeles
Posted 03/12/2014 02:08PM

Harry Potter, Bugs Bunny and Batman did not attend TASIS, but Yvette Brault '69, Darby Hinton '75, and Billy Zane '84 did! They were just three of the 130 present at the TASIS all-class reunion in Los Angeles which was held at Warner Bros. (WB) Studios on February 22, 2014. There was quite a buzz about the venue which gave us free access to the WB museum all evening, and further excitement about the green-screen photo booth which let folks walk away with a photo showing them huddled up with the Oceans 11 gang, or Superman. We are proud to note that - once again - the alumni present represented every decade, having attended from 1960 (when De Nobili was the 'new' TASIS campus) to 2013. It was a cool evening – roommates Jan Opsahl ’68 and Dave Ireys ’67 reconnected after 46 years, the entire Geometry class from 1965-66 was present (all three of them – that was a great student-teacher ratio!), and musicians John Luttrell ’78 and Levi Chen ’81 discovered that they both went to TASIS, not having known when they performed together!

We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Richard Fox (father of Julia '08), whose WB connection allowed us to get a preferential rate at this fun venue, and to Michele Josue '97 who handled all the local planning and designed a great event; her expertise is invaluable. Till next time, or, as they say at WB ~ That's all folks!  

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