80s Multi-Class Reunion | Lugano
Posted 05/09/2013 12:00PM

On the weekend of May 9-12, 2013, over 50 alumni from the 80s descended on Lugano to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Class of 1983. The weekend kicked off with a water taxi ride and delicious lakeside dinner in Caprino, organized by Annette Roetger Rossi ’86, and continued in style as they explored old haunts and spent a lot of time catching up with each other. As well as joining in the festivities surrounding the Grand Opening of the Ferit Şahenk Fine Arts Center they had a long list of “must-do” activities – check out this list supplied by Jim Carroll ’83:
TASIS Reunion To-Do List

Tour the new buildings on campus … check!
Tour Ferit’s new Art Center … check!
Visit with former teachers … check!
Eat in the cafeteria … check!
Visit the store formerly known as Angelo’s … check!
Eat an Angelo's ham and soft cheese sandwich …. ☹
Visit my old dorms … check, check!!
Visit Casa Fleming ... check!
Walk the path to Montag … check!
Walk downtown from campus … check!
Visit Mrs. Fleming’s grave … check!
Visit the Sant’Abbondio Church … check!
Ride a boat on the lake … check!
Have a fabulous meal … check, check!!
Go to Bell Tower …. ☹
Go to Commercio’s … check!
Go to Burger King … check!
Go to Innovazione (now MANOR)… check!
Eat a prosciutto e funghi pizza … check!
Drink a Feldschlösschen beer … check!
Eat gelato … check, check, check!!!
Walk through downtown … check!
Walk through the park … check!
Go to the main bus station … check!
Ride the yellow Post bus to campus … check!
Visit Valle Verzasca …. ☹
Ride the train to Zurich … check!
Deepen life-long friendships … check, check, check, check!
Take pride in how far TASIS has come … check!
Realize just how fortunate I was to attend such a phenomenal school … check!
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