70s Reunion | New Orleans
Posted 04/16/2010 02:00PM

Imagine my surprise when students from ’73-’74 asked me to join their TASIS reunion in New Orleans! My wife Carmen and I were delighted to have been included and immediately accepted their invitation. One alumnus drove 18 hours from Nebraska to be there; “Angelo,” he said, “When I heard you would be here, I had to come.” Others came from Miami, Seattle, Texas, Los Angeles, and New York. We reminisced about TASIS, Angelo’s Store, my mother, our weekend trips with the Porsche, teachers who are still at TASIS and those who have left, and, of course, Mrs. Fleming! I told them about the Master Plan buildings and all the campus changes.

On our first full day in New Orleans, the '70s group of TASIS Alumni took us to what had formerly been a cotton plantation where we picnicked with sandwiches (not quite from Angelo’s Store but wonderful nonetheless!). Later we went to the heart of New Orleans where we took in some authentic strutting; jazz music abounded in every locale and we even drank a red drink entitled Hurricane Katrina! The group hopes to have a reunion at TASIS in a few years. Many thanks go out to Ann (Arnold) Guthrie ’74 who organized the weekend. Thank you to all who warmly welcomed me and Carmen! We’ll be waiting for you here!

Angelo Piattini

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