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Top YouTube Videos of 2016
Posted 12/21/2016 02:00PM


The following ten videos received the most YouTube views out of all the TASIS videos released in 2016.

1. TASIS Summer Program (TSP)

With help from summer photographers Graham Pearsall and John You, alumni brothers Milo ’08 (filming and editing) and Alex Zanecchia ’02 (music) teamed up to produce three new Summer Programs videos. Here is their look at the TASIS Summer Program (ages 14–18).

2. Parade of Flags

Students from more than 60 nations participated in the Parade of Flags, which kicked off International Week in late February.

3. Middle School Program (MSP)

This excellent video provides an inside look at the summer Middle School Program (ages 11–13).

4. Commencement Ceremony

We celebrated our 60th graduating class on the afternoon of May 28.

5. Le Château des Enfants (CDE)

We take a closer look at Le Château des Enfants (CDE), a summer program for students aged 4½–10.

6. Celebrating 60 years

Milo ’02 and Alex Zanecchia ’08 produced this stirring tribute to TASIS Founder M. Crist Fleming.

7. Venice from Above

Tyler Miller ’18 brought his drone on the Academic Travel trip to Venice and captured this gorgeous footage.

8. Ski Adventure

This collaborative effort takes an inside look at the High School’s week in Crans-Montana last January.

9. The Waltz

TASIS students showcased their ballroom dancing skills at last spring’s Senior Prom.

10. Senior Banquet Speeches

Several of the School’s standout seniors delivered memorable speeches at this banquet on May 27.

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