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Global Issues Network Conference
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By Elyana Ramos '18

“We nurture and mobilize transgenerational communities of global citizens to build a just and sustainable future.”

- GIN founders

The Global Issues Network unites schools from all over the world to  take awareness of global issues to the next level. When the TASIS GIN team arrived, we felt intimidated by the amount of clever students all from different countries, even different continents. Then we began to share our different thoughts and points of view with students from different cultures, ages, and religions all in the same place, uniting for the same propose: saving the world. 

Before the GIN conferences, if someone asked me what I thought an ideal life looked like, my answer would have been that successful people are those who have families, pretty cars, and houses. Undoubtedly many people would say the same thing. Since birth, we grow in an environment where the meaning of life is to be successful, to be successful you need money and to earn money a job is required. Yes, we are told many times that taking care of the world is important but caring is not part of what we think of an “ideal life”.

After listening to the inspirational speeches from wonderful speakers like Sammy Assefa, Deepak Aashwani, Joe Madiath, and Kate Otto, among others, and hearing the diversity of issues around the globe presented by the different participants, I realized that successful people are those who impact the world. The person who makes a difference, the person who saves lives, the person who conserves a healthy environment: that person has won at life. The GIN organisers and founders say that the point of this network is to make more people aware, but most high school students already know about world issues. Rather than making me aware, it got me involved. Most teenagers think that they can not do anything about world problems, because we are just kids. GIN inspires young minds to not only open their eyes to these issues, but to really want to do something about them. 

Teddy Roosevelt once said, children will not care how much you know until they know how much you care. GIN is changing children’s points of view by surrounding us with people who care about the perfect world that was given to us and we are destroying. By surrounding us with all these amazing people, GIN educates the new generation to help global issues because they care and because they want to -- not just because it looks good in your collage application. (March 20-21, Milan)

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