Strong Stories
Posted 02/21/2015 05:00PM

BY Alyssa Uecker, ES Librarian

February can be a gloomy month. Winter seems like it’s here to stay, Spring Break is still a month away, and Christmas has become a distant memory. Perhaps that’s why Jeremy Strong’s visit lifted our spirits so much and left us feeling a little less blah. That and the fact that he was wonderful! Wonderfully funny. Wonderfully warm. Wonderfully real. It’s so rare to be able to meet the person who created characters we have come to know and love, and yet, that’s exactly what we got to do in the middle of gloomy February.

Over the course of two days, Jeremy treated us to six presentations, including a special one for parents. He told stories about himself as a young writer, showed pictures of character inspirations and his work spaces, and read from several of his stories. There really is nothing like hearing a tale read by the author who created it.

The students loved his visit, from the youngest in Pre-K children to the oldest in Grade 5. Jeremy knows how to connect with children. He knows what makes them laugh and think. Perhaps that’s why, when our TASIS students saw him afterward his presentations, they would point and shout “There goes Jeremy Strong!” or “Don’t leave!” They were thankful and thrilled and weeks later still remembered the funny things he shared. What better way to instill a love of reading and books in our students? What better way to inspire future authors? And what better way to spend a couple of days in February?

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