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Alumni Notes: Winter 2016
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Alumni Notes: Winter 2016

News from alumni around the world

Gobekli Tepe investment from Şahenk Initiative announced at World Economic Forum

Some consider the Gobekli Tepe archaeological site the birthplace of civilization. A part of ancient Mesopotamia, the region is near the city of Şanlıurfa (Urfa) in western Turkey and holds clues as to how humans transformed from being hunter-gatherers to creating the first society. (Read more about the site here.)

Thanks to a $15 million donation from Ferit Şahenk ’83’s Şahenk Initiative, this significant historical place will soon be available for visitors to explore. Alongside the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Şahenk Initiative will support new excavations, build a visitor center, and promote tourism to the area.

Learn more about Gobekli Tepe in this short BBC documentary.

Overland to Mongolia

In mid-2015 Milo Zanecchia ’08 and Robin Gilli ’08, together with their partners Melody Tibbits (TASIS ES music teacher and Milo’s fiancée) and Anita-Maria Maugg, took an incredible road trip from Switzerland to Mongolia. Follow their journey through five countries via Milo’s remarkable images on his blog. Overland Journal was a big inspiration for Milo and Robin, and they were recently featured on the magazine’s home page. We can’t wait to hear more about their trip!

Lifestyle Film Released

Sierra Quitiquit ’07 recently released her film How Did I Get Here?, an honest and raw account of how she became one of the world’s most well-known skiers and lifestyle models. Sierra has appeared in films from Warren Miller and Sweetgrass Productions and is sponsored by a variety of big-name global brands.


Jack Savoretti ’01
continues to take on the world one song at a time. In mid-January he was a guest on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show with his song Catapult. His new album, Written in Scars, went to number 7 in the official UK charts—tucked snugly between David Bowie and Elvis Presley!

Fashion Forward

In January, Highbridge New York designer and founder Waka Takahashi ’09 took her first accessories collection to the Premiere Classe trade show in Versailles, France. (Read more about Waka’s journey here.)

Baby Yo

Finally, we’re delighted to announce the birth of Matias Kei Yo, son of longtime TASIS teacher, coach, summer staffer, and alumnus Masa Yo ’04 and EAL teacher Sonia Maczeakova Yo. Congratulations!


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