Grade 5 Moving-Up Ceremony | ES Last Day of Classes

Date: Thursday - June 08, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: Palestra

All families are invited to a buffet luncheon at Villa De Nobili after the celebration. There will be no afternoon shuttle bus. All students should depart with their families. 

Please note the dress code for this event:

Pre-K–4th Grade:

Boys: Blue pants, white TASIS polo shirt, dark shoes, and no sneakers.

Girls: Blue skirt or pants, white TASIS polo shirt, blue or white socks/tights, and dark shoes—no red, pink, or purple.

5th Grade:

Boys: Nice shirt and tie, dress pants with belt, dark socks, dark dress shoes, and no sneakers.

Girls: Nice dress or skirt or dress pants with top, tights, or socks. Skirts or dresses must be knee-length. No bare shoulders—straps on dress have to be at least three fingers wide. Dress shoes—no high heels.

We will have valet parking for this event. Please drive your car to the S. Abbondio parking lot in Gentilino between 9:30–13:00. Shutties will then bring families to the School's main campus.

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Note: TBD indicates that the details of an event are "to be determined."

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