The American School in SwitzerlandThe American School in Switzerland
A Story for Founder's Day


Once upon a time, in a land of cheese and chocolate, there lived a courageous woman with a taste for pearls and Bourbon Old Fashioned cocktails.

She had a flair for décor, reveled in candlelit dinners…

…and always enjoyed a good road trip with friends and her canine companions.

This courageous woman also had a keen eye for property and harbored a grandiose vision. She dreamed of bringing young people of all nations and cultures together to live and learn from each other in a setting that would both inspire and educate. Though her dreams of building a school were often taken off-course, nothing could diminish her exuberance and love for education.

In 1956, Mrs. Fleming founded TASIS, a place many young minds would soon call their home. Decades later, the legacy of this spirited soul continues to thrive and inspire our ever-growing community. This woman with a dream and pearls continues to prevail!

As we get ready to celebrate another Founder's Day on Friday, September 10th, 2021, we remember this classic tale of Mrs. Fleming's journey with TASIS. Remember to commemorate this special day in true MCF fashion and let us know how you celebrate!

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