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Khan-Page Master Teacher Award


The Akbar Khan-Max Page Master Teacher Award is another initiative supported by the M. Crist Fleming Endowment. This new TASIS tradition was launched in 2009, having been proposed by the TASIS Foundation and funded by the TASIS Board of Directors as part of their broader efforts to support and encourage the faculty as the heart of the TASIS experience and the center of our improvement in the coming years. 

Awarded annually, the Khan-Page TASIS Master Teacher Award is named after two outstanding teachers who taught for many years in both TASIS schools: the late Akbar Khan in mathematics and Max P. Page in English. The award recognizes an outstanding teacher who represents a high standard of professional pedagogy, possesses advanced subject-area knowledge, has a capacity to convey the joy and importance of learning to students, and demonstrates a fundamental sympathy with the aims and goals of TASIS as expressed in the Paideia.

The recipient receives CHF 5,000 to spend in any way he or she chooses. Candidates may teach in any grade level but must have taught at TASIS for at least five years.

Honored Veteran Master Teachers