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To find out more about TASIS's past, see where our programs and initiatives are today, and learn how you can be part of the change that will secure TASIS's standing as one of the most academically challenging institutions in the world, please see The TASIS Global Village: Our Vision for the Future. This in-depth publication also provides background information on the school that Mrs. Fleming started, the TASIS Foundation, Mrs. Fleming's Endowment for International Understanding and Leadership, awards and scholarships at TASIS, Annual Giving, the MCF Legacy Society, the different ways to give, and more.

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Collina Alta: The Next Stage of the TASIS Global Village

Help us climb the Golden Hill as we launch the next phase of the Global Village Campaign: Collina Alta

The TASIS campus puts students at the heart: the way they move through buildings as their days progress; the heights achievable with state-of-the-art classrooms and equipment; and areas for work, play, and rest. TASIS is committed to creating spaces and buildings that inspire and connect our community.

It is now time to complete the upper campus, Collina Alta. This next phase will include a major renovation of Belvedere to serve as the Elementary School Center and the construction of three magnificent buildings: Le Logge Classrooms, MacDermid Hall (academics and residence), and the MacDermid Music Center.

Will you help our students reach new heights as we complete Collina Alta? Will you support TASIS with a donation to the Global Village Building Campaign or the MCF Endowment?

A The Donald MacDermid Hall
A1 The Donald MacDermid Music Center
B Belvedere Elementary School Expansion
C Le Pergole Elementary School Classrooms

Thanks to our Founder M. Crist Fleming’s indomitable spirit in the face of countless obstacles, having the courage to dream big has been woven into the fabric of TASIS since the beginning. Complacency has never been an option at TASIS—“It’s either forward or backwards, there’s no standing still,” said Mrs. Fleming famously—and after staring down the extraordinary challenges of the past few years, we are once again moving forward.

Why is now the time to embark on the most ambitious stage of our Global Village yet? The answer is simple: it’s what our students deserve. The resilience they’ve shown us through these difficult times has been an inspiration. They have never stopped moving forward or looking upward. Alexia Dochnal, our 2022 Valedictorian, had every reason to complain about the manner in which her final three years of High School were compromised by circumstances beyond her control but instead left TASIS with this parting remark: “Our school’s commitment to truth, goodness, and beauty inspires students to strive toward academic and personal growth and improvement whenever possible, a goal I hope to carry with me forever.”

To carry with me forever. Our alumni have long understood that the value of a TASIS education extends well beyond the moment they receive their diploma. The experiences our students have here—the vibrant interactions with first-rate teachers and advisors, the exposure to an unparalleled international community, and the myriad opportunities to serve others—all under the backdrop of a magnificent campus setting do, in fact, leave them changed forever. Nearly 60 years after his graduation, Donald MacDermid ’61—whose name will be affixed to the crown jewel of Collina Alta—declared, “My love for TASIS hasn’t changed. It opened me up, and I stayed open. It’s always with me because of what it did to me. It changed my life. TASIS has been terribly important to me. It made me larger, in a sense. It made me who I am.”

For the students of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we remain committed to creating spaces and buildings that inspire and connect our community. We are determined to finish the Global Village we’ve dreamt about for decades, but we cannot do so alone. If you feel a strong connection to TASIS—if the school helped shape you into who you are today—will you move us forward? Will you look upward and envision what the completion of Collina Alta will mean for the future of TASIS?

Looking Forward and Up!

Will you be a part of shaping future generations of TASIS students by making a gift toward the Global Village Building Campaign or the M. Crist Fleming Endowment for International Understanding and Leadership?

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