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Residential Life

We welcome boarding students beginning in grade six. Every boarding student has the right to expect peace, reasonable privacy, respect for feelings and belongings, and a safe living environment in his or her dorm room. As the dormitory is a student's temporary home, as well as the more permanent home of the dorm faculty, consideration for others and community spirit are vital. When cooperation and understanding prevail, residential life becomes the source of meaningful and lasting friendships.



Our Dormitories

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Girls Dorm
Built: 1987
Renovated: 2022
Number of residents: 56

Del Sole

Boys Dorm
Built: c. 1950
Renovated: 2000
Number of residents: 24


Boys Dorm
Built: 1614
Renovated: 2022
Number of residents: 7


Boys Dorm
Built: 1659
Renovated: 2017
Number of residents: 22


Girls Dorm
Built: c. 1920
Renovated: 2017
Number of residents: 10


Boys and Girls Dorm (Middle School)
Built: c. 1915
Renovated: 2019
Number of residents: 20


Girls Dorm
Built: 2011
Renovated: 2022
Number of residents: 58


Boys Dorm
Built: 1890
Renovated: 2017
Number of residents: 27

Villa De Nobili

Boys and Girls Dorm
Built: c. 1680
Renovated: 2021
Number of residents: 40

Hear from our Boarding Students

Thank You, TASIS

Bryan Soh '18, who just returned to his native Singapore to begin two years of compulsory National Service, says farewell to the country and community that have had such a profound impact on his life over the past four and a half years.

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Advisor Program

Every student at TASIS has a faculty Advisor to provide guidance and support. Working with students both individually and in small groups, the Advisor serves as the student's counselor, disciplinarian, friend, role model, and listener. Advisor groups meet regularly and dine together at biweeky family-style dinners. The Advisor, with the close cooperation of the other members of the School's administration and faculty, pulls together information about all aspects of a student's life at school. 

Proctor Program

A TASIS Proctor provides an essential link between students and faculty within the dorms, strives to welcome new members of the student body, and works to ensure the well-being of students in our school community. Proctors are members of the upper classes in good standing who have applied and been accepted for a leadership role within the school; they are primarily drawn from the senior class—although outstanding juniors are also encouraged to apply.

Student Government

Students participate in the running of the school through the Student Council. The Student Council is made up of class representatives and officers elected by the student body as a whole. They act as a student voice for ways to improve the school by working with administrators to discuss issues that affect student life. The Student Council makes formal proposals to the administration regarding school policies and fields concerns from students about academic, dorm, discipline, and social issues.

Student Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the many opportunities TASIS students have to participate in athletics and the arts, each year there are a variety of clubs on campus dedicated to specialized interests. Recent examples include Model UN, which provides students experience in political debate; the Yearbook Club, which helps chronicles the year; the Social Justice Discussion Group, which aims to foster and uphold an awareness of and discussion about cultural diversity, equality, and inclusion; and the Journalism and Videography Internship, which provides an outlet for student writers, photographers, and videographers.