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Accident and Health Insurance Information

Accident and Health Insurance for Boarding Students

All boarding students at TASIS have mandatory Swiss accident and health insurance coverage. The premiums for this insurance are included in the school fees. This policy starts on the first day of the Academic Year for new students, and terminates on the last day of the student's enrollment at TASIS. The policy guarantees basic medical care for accident and health in Switzerland, and emergency care outside of Switzerland up to double the cost of the equivalent care in Switzerland.

This policy does NOT cover:

  • first-class hospital rooms (standard room care is excellent in Switzerland)
  • continuing medical treatment outside of Switzerland
  • treatment after the student has left TASIS or during the summer months
  • repatriation to the student’s home residence
  • costs for eye doctors
  • medicines from the School Nurse
  • day student care

There is a mandatory deductible of CHF 600 per student per calendar year. The first year a student attends TASIS, a deductible of CHF 600 will be charged for the period of September to December. Another deductible of CHF 600 will be charged in January for that calendar year. (If the student is over 18 years of age, this deductible increases to CHF 2,500 per calendar year.)

TASIS is not liable or responsible for any medical costs that are not covered by the Swiss insurance. Therefore, TASIS strongly recommends that your parents also provide you with international, comprehensive accident and medical insurance coverage, including repatriation, for the duration of the Academic Year.

Doctors and hospitals mainly send their bills directly to the Swiss Health Insurance Company. In order to avoid delays, TASIS pays all bills directly to the Insurance Company. We then bill parents for these medical costs, attaching a copy of the Insurance Statement. Parents need to pay TASIS for these costs. Any reimbursement will be credited to the student account.

Any boarding students already covered by a Swiss Health Insurance must provide a copy of their insurance certificate, which should be sent to the TASIS Business Office.

For students resident in an EU country, please submit a copy of the European health insurance card (front and back) to

Information about SWICA Insurance Coverage