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Clubs and Activities

TASIS students have many opportunities to participate in exciting activities beyond the classroom and playing fields. Below is a list of clubs and other extracurricular activities that have been offered in recent years, and new student-directed groups pop up all the time!


Chess Club

The chess club meets weekly, under the guidance of a chess coach, to learn and play chess. Students need no experience or background in chess to join, but they must commit to the weekly meetings for the season. Interested students may qualify to play in local tournament.

Cultural Salon

This club gives students a chance to share the best of their countries and cultures with others in the TASIS community. This can include anything from music, literature, and art to food, traditions, and language. Open to everyone, the Salon aims to enhance cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Dante Club

After reading Dante Alighieri’s Inferno in 10th Grade Honors World Literature, a group of students expressed a strong desire to read the entire Divine Comedy. The Dante Club was formed with this goal in mind. Once a month, students meet with Dr. Love to read and discuss their way up Mount Purgatory and beyond to Paradise. Usually held in Casa Fleming, Dante Club members read two or three Canti a month, discussing the ulterior meanings behind Dante’s rich and complex allegory. Treats are often served!

Debate Club

In this club, students talk about current events, go in-depth about past events that shape our present world, and look into some of the academic foundations of the international relations field. The group also aims to provide a space to discuss and better understand the new and hopes to have many different perspectives for a healthy conversation.

Journalism Fellowship Program

Each fall, students in grades 10–12 have the opportunity to apply for a spot in a year-long Journalism Fellowship in which they work together to produce content that may be featured on the TASIS Blog, in monthly newsletters, on social media, and in professional education publications around the world. Topics covered in the past have included accounts of events around campus, recaps of Academic Travel or Global Service Program trips, personal reflections, discussions of the classroom experience, profiles of faculty members, and more. 

Model UN

One of the Schools’ oldest clubs, the distinguished Model UN Program at TASIS has prepared countless alumni for further study and careers in International Relations. MUN members meet weekly to prepare for the annual THIMUN conference in the Hague, one of the oldest and largest MUN conferences in the world.

MTB Club

This is a group of determined and adventurous students who love to explore the many off-road trails around Lugano and beyond. Joining the club requires owning an electric or non-electric mountain bike, a helmet, and appropriate protective gear. Prior experience is helpful, but the group also welcomes those who are interested in trying something new.

Peer Tutoring

Standout students in various academic areas make themselves available to tutor students who are struggling. The tutors further develop their knowledge of the subject by explaining concepts to other students. Both tutor and pupil are empowered by working together to further their academic and personal skills.


A TASIS Prefect provides an essential link between students and faculty within the dorms, strives to welcome new members of the student body, and works to ensure the well-being of students in our school community. Prefects are members of the upper classes in good standing who have applied and been accepted for a leadership role within the school; they are primarily drawn from the senior class—although outstanding juniors are also encouraged to apply.

Recycling Club

The Recycling Club is dedicated to ensuring TASIS recycles all it can. Members encourage their fellow students to recycle paper and plastic and educate others about the importance of recycling to solve the environmental issues that are facing the planet. Each week, the students travel to classrooms, offices, and common spaces to transport paper and plastic to the large bins in the parking lot.


The High School Robotics Programs is divided into two teams, TASIS Tigers 1 and TASIS Tigers 2, both of which are coached by Ms. Amy Bloodworth. The TASIS Tigers 2 qualified for and competed at the VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas, in 2023!

Ski and Snowboard Club

One of the largest clubs at TASIS, the Ski and Snowboard Club travels to multiple ski resorts around Switzerland throughout the winter.

Social Justice Discussion Group

This club strives to make our community a better, more just, and more inclusive place through student-led discussions and initiatives. 

Speaker Series Board

The TASIS Speaker Series (TSS) draws from some of the best elements of the TASIS identity—truth, goodness, beauty, international understanding, and humanitarian action—to provide TASIS students with a signature educational experience.

Student Council

The Student Council consists of a Student Body President, Vice President, two representatives from the 11th- and 12th-grade classes, and three representatives from the 9th- and 10th-grade classes who work together to advance the quality of student life. As liaisons between the students and the administration, members are responsible for effectively and accurately representing the student body’s interests. The Student Council promotes unity and cooperation in the School by planning activities that foster school spirit and encourage TASIS values.

Sweet November Dance Company

Led by Ms. Julie Frazier-Smith, Sweet November Dance Company (SNDC) is made up of TASIS High School students who dedicate their Sunday afternoons to learning company ensemble works from tap to contemporary dance numbers. The company puts on a major dance concert for the community each November.


The oldest club at TASIS, the Yearbook Club is a group of dedicated student writers, photographers, and graphic designers who create the annual edition of La Collina d’Oro, the TASIS Yearbook. Every week throughout the year, the club meets to set schedules, design pages, take photographs, and write articles to tell the story of TASIS. With more than 60 editions published, the Yearbook Club is responsible for capturing memories for the thousands of TASIS alumni worldwide.