January 2017  
The American School in Switzerland

Dedicated Performing Arts Team

How the TASIS Summer Programs Built an
Incomparable Performing Arts Program

For seven weeks each summer, a community of professional artists gathers amongst the mountains and lakes of southern Switzerland and devotes itself to providing a transformative experience to students hailing from more than 50 nations.

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Award-winning Filmmakers Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple Inspire TASIS Students

Award-winning Filmmakers Zach Ingrasci and
Chris Temple Inspire TASIS Students

The creators of Living on One Dollar and Salam Neighbor met with TASIS students and delivered a Senior Humanities Program address on January 19.

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Alumni Notes: Winter 2017

Alumni Notes: Winter 2017

Learn about recent alumni achievements in the fields of film, music, visual arts, and public policy.

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TASIS Honored as First Cum Laude Society Chapter in Switzerland

TASIS Honored as First Cum Laude Society
Chapter in Switzerland

The top decile of each graduating class will be considered for membership in the prestigious Society, which recognizes superior scholastic achievement in secondary schools.

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Such, Such are the Joys

Such, Such are the Joys

Ekaterina Plotnikova ’18 addresses the challenges and rewards of being an International Baccalaureate (IB) student.

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Shu performs BMV 1056 at the 2016 Arts Festival Concert

Performance: My Path to the Arts

Shu Ye ’18 discusses how the TASIS Music Program has rekindled her love for playing the piano.

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Global Peace Index

Global Peace Index Identifies
Switzerland as one of 11 Nations
With “Very High” State of Peace

The leading measure of global peacefulness concludes that the permanently neutral nation of 8.4 million people continues to become more peaceful even as the world as a whole grows more dangerous.

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How I Came To Love Switzerland

How I Came to Love Switzerland

Although he had reservations when he moved from Singapore two years ago, Bryan Soh ’18 has grown to appreciate all Switzerland has to offer.

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Biker Santas in Lugano

Never Fear, Biker Santas are Here

Anastasia Kolesnikova '18 writes about the day she stumbled upon a Lugano treasure: the annual Santa Claus Motorcycle Ride.

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Why Life as a Boarding Student at TASIS is Different

Why Life as a Boarding Student
at TASIS is Different

Diana Kuznetsova ’18 reflects on her life as a student at TASIS, the third boarding school she’s attended since sixth grade.

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Upcoming Alumni Reunions
All-Class Reunion in Miami | April 8, 2017
08 Miami, Florida, USA

Smith & Wollensky
1 Washington Avenue in South Pointe Park
Miami Beach, FL 33139
6:30–9:30 pm, sign up now at www.tasisreunion.com

Class of 2007: 10th Anniversary Reunion | June 9–11, 2017
09 Lugano, Switzerland

For more information about this reunion weekend, contact Denise Chiang.

Classes of 1982–1983 and Friends:
The Gold Rush Reunion, Part II | June 15–18, 2017
15 Pioneer Hotel, Sheep Ranch, CA

Find out more from Robert Cutter ’83 and via the XTR facebook group.

Class of 1987: 30th Anniversary Reunion | June 16–18, 2017
16 Lugano, Switzerland

Find out more from Alex de Bruin or on the TASIS Class of 1987 Facebook Group.

PG 1967: 50th Anniversary Reunion | June 19–25, 2017
19 Lugano, Switzerland

Contact Susan Lo Forti or Geoffrey Parker for information.

Class of 1992: 25th Anniversary Reunion | June 30–July 2, 2017
30 Lugano, Switzerland

Friends from the classes of 1991 and 1993 are also welcome! Contact Miki Nava at sakeli@hotmail.com to find out more.

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