September 2018

The TASIS Advantage

The three counselors who lead the TASIS College Counseling Office combine for more than 100 years of experience in education, and through the years they've built relationships with hundreds of college admissions officers around the world. When these counselors ask their colleagues how they regard candidates from TASIS, one theme emerges time and again: college admissions officers love the School's internationalism. With a student body comprising nearly 60 nationalities, an extensive Academic Travel Program, and a visionary Global Service Program, TASIS produces well-rounded students who are sophisticated, adventurous, and socially conscious. This built-in advantage, combined with a rigorous academic program that allows students to pursue an IB Diploma or take a wide range of AP courses, is the foundation from which TASIS students pursue their postsecondary goals.
Motivated students build upon this foundation by demonstrating an impressive commitment to a combination of visual and performing arts, athletics, local and global service, and leadership positions on and off campus. They take advantage of the opportunities provided by a school that does not forget its Founder's simple but timeless advice: "Fill all their waking hours with commitment to study, sports, the arts, and responsibility to others. Instruct—stretch them in all areas."
Within this framework, each student must chart his or her own course, and each student's path to success is unique. Below we tell the stories of eight members of the Class of 2018.

Shu Ye (China) will major in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania, selecting the renowned institution over Vanderbilt University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); University of Southern California (USC); and New York University (NYU).

2018 Excellence in Science Award recipient Anastasia Kolesnikova (Russia) will pursue a degree in Biochemistry at Imperial College London, choosing the world-class university over University of St Andrews, University of York, and University of Birmingham.

Well-rounded scholar Serena Rand Bardi (Italy/United States) has decided to seek a degree in International Management at King's College London after also considering offers from London School of Economics, University of Edinburgh, University of Bath, and Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University.

IB Diploma recipient Bryan Jed Soh (Singapore) intends to pursue a major in the social sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), upon completing his two years of compulsory National Service for the Singaporean military.

Yu Ying Chan (China) was accepted to all five schools she applied to—University of Edinburgh, Kingston University London, University for the Creative Arts, University of Brighton, and University of the Arts London—and the promising young artist has decided to study Illustration at the University of Edinburgh.

Bokyung Kim (South Korea), who excelled on 10 Advanced Placement exams while at TASIS, will begin her path to becoming a pharmacist at The George Washington University after turning down offers of admission from eight other schools in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Tanya Paul (India), the 2018 recipient of The Cynthia Whisenant Award for Excellence in English Literature, was accepted to eight universities and has decided to pursue a degree in International Relations at King's College London.

Diana Dulina (Russia) is headed to London to pursue a degree in Architecture at the renowned Architectural Association School of Architecture after turning down offers from University for the Creative Arts, Arts University Bournemouth, and University of the Arts London.

Visit the Recent Graduates page on the TASIS website to see more student profiles.


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