TASIS Global Village Building Campaign: Collina Alta Phase

The Next Stage of the TASIS Global Village

Watch this cutting-edge video to learn about the exciting future of the TASIS Global Village!

The TASIS campus puts students at the heart: the way they move through and around beautiful buildings as their days progress; the heights they can achieve with state-of-the-art classrooms and equipment; and the comfort and inspiration they find in the many places where they work, play, and rest. We are committed to creating spaces and buildings that inspire and connect our community.

It is now time to complete the upper campus, Collina Alta. This next phase will include a major renovation of Belvedere to serve as the Elementary School Center and the construction of three magnificent buildings: MacDermid Hall (classrooms, student bedrooms, faculty apartments, and common spaces), MacDermid Music Center (music classrooms and practice studios), and Le Pergole (Elementary School classrooms and terraces with science lab and greenhouse below). 

Will you help our students reach new heights as we complete Collina Alta? Will you support TASIS with a donation to the Global Village Building Campaign?

A The Donald MacDermid Hall crowning the Global Village
27 double student rooms, 2 faculty apartments, 3 student common rooms, 4 classrooms
A1 The Donald MacDermid Music Center
3 music classrooms, 3 practice rooms, piazza with fountain
B Belvedere
Elementary School Center with 9 classrooms, veranda dining, and playground
C Le Pergole
4 Elementary School classrooms, 2 Pergole terraces
Elementary School science lab and greenhouse below

There's No Standing Still

Thanks to our Founder M. Crist Fleming’s indomitable spirit in the face of countless obstacles, having the courage to dream big has been woven into the fabric of TASIS since the beginning. Complacency has never been an option at TASIS—“It’s either forward or backwards, there’s no standing still,” said Mrs. Fleming famously—and after staring down the extraordinary challenges of the past few years, we are once again moving forward.

Why is now the time to embark on the most ambitious stage of our Global Village yet? The answer is simple: it’s what our students deserve. The resilience they’ve shown us through these difficult times has been an inspiration. They have never stopped moving forward or looking upward. Alexia Dochnal, our 2022 Valedictorian, had every reason to complain about the manner in which her final three years of High School were compromised by circumstances beyond her control but instead left TASIS with this parting remark: “Our school’s commitment to truth, goodness, and beauty inspires students to strive toward academic and personal growth and improvement whenever possible, a goal I hope to carry with me forever.”

To carry with me forever. Our alumni have long understood that the value of a TASIS education extends well beyond the moment they receive their diploma. The experiences our students have here—the vibrant interactions with first-rate teachers and advisors, the exposure to an unparalleled international community, and the myriad opportunities to serve others—all under the backdrop of a magnificent campus setting do, in fact, leave them changed forever. Nearly 60 years after his graduation, Donald MacDermid ’61—whose name will be affixed to the crown jewel of Collina Alta—declared, “My love for TASIS hasn’t changed. It opened me up, and I stayed open. It’s always with me because of what it did to me. It changed my life. TASIS has been terribly important to me. It made me larger, in a sense. It made me who I am.” 

For the students of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we remain committed to creating spaces and buildings that inspire and connect our community. We are determined to finish the Global Village we’ve dreamt about for decades, but we cannot do so alone. If you feel a strong connection to TASIS—if the school helped shape you into who you are today—will you move us forward? Will you look upward and envision what the completion of Collina Alta will mean for the future of TASIS?

It's either forward or backward: there's no standing still.

TASIS Founder M. Crist Fleming


A Lasting Legacy

In 2019, Donald (pictured to the right with Lynn Fleming Aeschliman) became one of the School’s most generous donors. His legacy gift will fund a major portion of the Donald MacDermid Music Center and the Donald MacDermid Residential Hall while also establishing the Donald MacDermid Endowment Fund for the Fine and Performing Arts. 

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Donald MacDermid with Lynn Fleming Aeschliman

Global Village Capital Campaign for Collina Alta - Upper Campus

To complete Collina Alta, the total funds needed are CHF 22,000,000 to build the Upper Campus Complex of four buildings.

Major Expenses:

Phase I  

A. The MacDermid Hall for Academics & Residence 

CHF 7,400,000

A1. The MacDermid Music Center 

CHF 2,800,000

Phase II  

B. Belvedere Elementary School Center 

CHF 2,800,000

C. Le Pergole Elementary School Classrooms 

CHF 3,000,000

Preliminary work: construction road and ramp, removal of Ca' Gioia & Alba, excavation, hill-support structure, landscaping, and installation of six temporary classrooms

CHF 4,000,000

Furnishings, classroom equipment, dormitory facilities, security, and technology 

CHF 2,000,000

Total Funds Needed 

CHF 22,000,000


We are grateful to our generous donors, in particular to Donald MacDermid ’61 for his CHF 3,000,000 legacy gift to build the MacDermid Hall and Music Center.

Please note that the sum raised and pledged includes all funds that were previously raised for the Elementary School building Valzonico and for a new playing field, key components of our Master Plan prior to the pandemic. Our updated plan focuses on establishing dynamic ES, MS, and HS centers on the main part of campus, which we believe will enhance community, collaboration, and efficiency.


Naming Opportunities



MacDermid Hall

27 double student rooms
2 faculty apartments
3 student common rooms
4 classrooms

Raised and Pledged:

  • Donald MacDermid ’61 legacy gift: CHF 2,000,000
  • Nicholas Major PG ’68 legacy gift for the Major Wing with 8 student rooms: CHF 430,000
  • Curtis Webster ’75 gift for the Webster Wing with 8 student rooms: CHF 400,000
  • Edward E. Lynch Terrace: CHF 200,000

Still To Name:

Wing with 11 double rooms CHF 500,000
11 double bedrooms  CHF 50,000 (each)
2 faculty apartments CHF 100,000 (each)
3 common rooms CHF 100,000 (each)
3 kitchenettes CHF 10,000 (each)
Entrance foyer CHF 100,000
4 large classrooms CHF 200,000 (each)


Floor Plans

(Click to enlarge)

MacDermid Hall - Piano Terreno (PT)

MacDermid Hall - First Floor (1P)

MacDermid Hall - Second and Third Floor (P2 + P3)

MacDermid Hall (View from South)



MacDermid Music Center

2 music classrooms, 7 practice rooms, piazza with fountain

Raised and Pledged:

  • Donald MacDermid ’61 legacy gift: CHF 1,000,000

  • Najedah Tamer ’22 Gallery: CHF 100,000

  • Edith K. Lynch Piazza with fountain: CHF 250,000

  • Anonymous Gift Music Classroom: CHF 150,000

  • Anonymous Gift Music Classroom: CHF 150,000

  • Sofya Sarah Rappoport '22 Practice Room: CHF 50,000

  • David Yang '84 Practice Room: CHF 50,000

Still To Name:

5 practice rooms CHF 50,000 (each)
Fountain CHF 50,000

Floor Plans

(Click to enlarge)

MacDermid Music Center - Piano Terreno (PT)

MacDermid Music Center - First Floor (PT)



Belvedere Elementary School Center

Elementary School Center with 9 classrooms, veranda dining, and playground

Raised and Pledged:

  • Anonymous Gift to Name the Building: CHF 1,500,000
  • Sergey Nesterenko Elementary School classroom: CHF 150,000
  • Fartushnyak Family Nadezhda ’21 & Philipp ’28 Elementary School classroom: CHF 105,000
  • TPA ’18 Elementary School classroom: CHF 114,000

Still To Name:

6 classrooms CHF 150,000 (each)
Veranda dining CHF 200,000
Playground CHF 300,000 

Floor Plans

(Click to enlarge)

Belvedere Classrooms (P0)

Belvedere Classrooms (P1)

Belvedere Classrooms (P2)



Le Pergole Elementary School Classrooms

4 Elementary School classrooms, 2 Pergole terraces
Elementary School science lab and greenhouse below

Raised and Pledged:

  • Anonymous Gift Greenhouse: CHF 300,000

Still To Name:

Building CHF 1,500,000
4 Elementary School classrooms  CHF 200,000 (each)
2 Pergole terraces CHF 100,000 (each)
Science laboratory CHF 300,000

Le Pergole - Ground Floor Classrooms (P0)

(Click to enlarge)

Le Pergole - First Floor Classrooms (P1)

(Click to enlarge)

Le Pergole - First Floor Classrooms (P2)

(Click to enlarge)

Science Lab and Greenhouse

Ways to Give

The support received from alumni, parents, and friends of TASIS is very important to our mission and very much appreciated. All donations benefit our students and programs by enabling enhancements and are not applied toward our operating budget. Thank you for helping us climb the Golden Hill as we launch the next phase of the Global Village Campaign!

Check or bank transfer
US Donors Non-US Donors

By check: 
Please make check payable to the TASIS Foundation, Inc.
Mail to:

TASIS Foundation, Inc.
107 S West St. Suite 957
Alexandria, VA 22314

By check: 
Please make check payable to the TASIS Foundation
Mail to:

TASIS Development Office
Via Collina d’Oro 15
6926 Montagnola, Switzerland


For wire transfer information, please send an email to


Online by credit card



Other Ways to Give
  • Become a member of the M. Crist Fleming Legacy Society. Naming TASIS as a beneficiary in your will provides a future source of support for students, faculty, and programs at no cost to you now and helps sustain and strengthen the School’s outstanding educational program. We also encourage legacy donors to pledge a certain amount from their gift ahead of time in order to name a special place on campus before they pass on.
  • Gifts of corporate stock are much appreciated. The tax benefits of giving stock instead of cash can add greatly to the net value of your gift to the School.
  • Corporate matching gifts are often available from US and international corporations that match their employees’ contributions to organizations such as TASIS. Your employer’s Human Resources Department can tell you if they offer a match, which can often double the amount of your gift.
  • Donors can also contribute to TASIS through life insurance. A donor may contribute an existing life insurance policy or designate the School as the owner and beneficiary of a new policy. In either case, the value of the existing policy (or the amount of the donor’s investment, if less) and annual premium payments are fully deductible as charitable contributions.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust would also benefit TASIS and a U.S. Donor. A CRT is an arrangement in which property or money is donated to a charity, but the donor (or grantor) continues to use the property and/or receive income from it while living. The beneficiaries receive the income, and the charity receives the principal after a specified period of time. The grantor avoids any capital gains tax on the donated assets and also gets an income-tax deduction for the fair market value of the remainder interest that the trust earned. In addition, the asset is removed from the estate, reducing subsequent estate taxes.
  • gift-in-kind is a non-cash gift such as an airline ticket credit from a donor’s accrued frequent-flier mileage account or a camera for the Art Department. Donors who wish to contribute gifts-in-kind to the School should first consult with the Development Office as the value needs to be independently determined for tax- deductibility.
  • Time and goodwill are also welcome gifts. Over the years, alumni, parents, and friends have supported TASIS in a variety of ways, spreading the good word about TASIS to prospective families, organizing reunions, or serving as an Alumni Annual Fund Chair, as a Class Agent, or as a member on the Board of Directors. TASIS takes great pride in the support we receive from the broader TASIS family.


TASIS Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization and gifts by U.S. taxpayers are deductible as permitted by law (tax ID#13-6225772). Gifts by Swiss citizens and C Permit holders to TASIS Foundation are tax-deductible within the limits fixed by the donor’s canton and Bern. For other countries, please consult your tax advisor.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of the aforementioned ways of giving, please contact Director of Institutional Advancement Bill Eichner at

Donation Registry

It is also possible to donate smaller items and furnishings for the Collina Alta phase of the TASIS Global Village Building Campaign. Follow the link below to access the donation registry form where you can select which items you would like to donate. Donors will be honored by name in the building.

Learn more about the Global Village

In 1996, TASIS engaged classical architect and urban designer David Mayernik to develop a Master Plan for the TASIS campus. The result is a long-term plan that is not only tailored to the needs of the School but also serves as a model for the world as an ideal academic community.

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