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The theater program is open to every student at TASIS, and there are many opportunities in all three divisions (Elementary, Middle, and High School) to become involved as a performer, designer, technician, scholar, and audience member.  Whatever a student’s interest, it is awaiting them in theater.

Elementary School

For Elementary School students, after-school drama classes are offered in the fall and spring, the former concentrating on skill-building, creativity, and confidence in performance, and the latter focusing on preparation for a musical theater performance for the community.

Middle School

The Middle School offers a similar program appropriate for students in grades 6–8 with an after-school drama class during the fall semester and the production of a full-scale musical in the spring. 

High School

In the High School, students can pursue (or discover!) the magic of theater through a variety of choices:

  • Theater courses count towards graduation credit and offer students at all levels of experience a broad-based course of study in the dramatic arts. In addition, a new Performing Arts course that encompasses theater, music, and dance was added to the curriculum in the fall of 2023.
  • Two mainstage productions each year—typically a Shakespeare or classic play in the fall and a musical in the spring—plus performances during the Spring Arts Festival offer students many opportunities to act onstage or design, manage, and run tech behind the scenes. 
  • While TASIS's main theatrical venue is the Palmer Center, performances are also held in a variety of locations around campus, from the outdoor stage near Casa Fleming to “pop-up” theater in dorms, the dining hall, and other surprising places. 

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