The American School in SwitzerlandThe American School in Switzerland


The TASIS Fine Arts program consists of two departments—Performing Arts and Visual Arts—and offers dynamic courses in drama, music theater, choir, instrumental ensemble, photography, drawing & painting, ceramics & sculpture, and architecture. The rich and varied curriculum encourages students to find their own voice no matter what the discipline, with more than 20 classes ranging from introductory courses in photography to IB and AP offerings in both the performing and visual arts.

We emphasize the arts as a way to strive for wisdom, and aspiring artists of any ilk come to TASIS to find their creative voice and nurture their talent. Works of art surround students on campus, and we provide ample opportunities for extracurricular artistic exhibitions, musical performances, and dramatic productions. Our Spring Arts Festival is an annual celebration of student artwork along with displays and performances by well-known artists and musicians outside the TASIS community. Biannual Academic Travel trips allow aspiring artists to hone their crafts in Europe’s most beautiful and culturally rich cities.