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Tributes to Horst Dürrschmidt

August 11, 1942 – February 19, 2022


The TASIS community mourns the loss of Horst Dürrschmidt, who passed away in Lugano at the age of 79 on the afternoon of Saturday, February 19, after a brief stay in the hospital.

Horst taught Photography and Art at TASIS for 35 years, from 1974 to 2009, and was the major force in developing the Art Department. He organized the first TASIS Spring Arts Festival in 1975 with colleague Fernando Gonzalez and secured a prominent place for the fine arts in the TASIS curriculum, ensuring students gained a lifelong appreciation for creativity and the arts. Horst inspired generations of students, many of whom went on to careers in photography and design. Our Fine Arts Center, which includes the Dürrschmidt Gallery in Horst’s honor, was donated by Ferit Şahenk ’83, who was greatly influenced by Horst. His impact on TASIS and our students, alumni, colleagues, and friends will echo for many years to come.

From TASIS Today

The 2012 edition of TASIS Today provided a look at the remarkable life of Horst Dürrschmidt, who taught Photography and Art at TASIS from 1974 to 2009 and now has a gallery in the Şahenk Fine Arts Center named in his honor.

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Mr. Dürrschmidt was the best teacher I ever had. I loved every minute of learning with him. The skills I learned in his IB class helped me to launch a career in journalism. I currently work at BBC News and sincerely believe I have him to thank for that.Max Matza ’06

Horst Dürrschmidt in 1975

He taught me how to develop my own lens. So grateful for him.

Permele Doyle ’05

The news about Horst's passing is indeed sad for all of us who knew him. In addition to being such a polite, friendly, and talented individual, I always regarded him to be a unique member of the group of hard-working teachers employed at TASIS. He became part of the lore surrounding the school. And I always liked the sound of his name. Somehow, it evoked the image of the universality of the school, an American institution with strong old school and European ties. He will be missed.

Robert Winer, former faculty

Horst Dürrschmidt setting up the Arts Festival show in 1983

Very sad to hear about the passing of Horst Dürschmidt, my photography professor at TASIS. He is one of the reasons I still love photography so much. Taught me about the work of Henri Cartier Bresson and to catch the moment to share a story. His laugh was communicative, especially when you could hear it from the dark room. Another star shines in the sky. My condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed.

Sophie Desplaces ’92

Horst Dürrschmidt with Kristin Pedroja

"Horst Dürrschmidt was truly a fantastic person, teacher, advisor, and mentor. I feel truly fortunate to have been a student of his. I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing and will cherish memories of him forever!"

– Antoine Bruneau ’93

Sad to hear this! He taught us to see the beauty in the ordinary. My favorite teacher ever!

Ashley Walhaug Garrison ’02


Imparting not only knowledge but skill and self-worth is the aim of any virtuous educator, and Horst was one of the finest. He sought to challenge your assumptions without being adversarial; he taught the basics without being condescending; he embodied passion without obsession, and all while never lacking in compassion or sincerity. Horst showed that anyone could peer into the pentaprism, off of a mirror and through the lens to extract the essence of our world. I will be forever grateful for having known Horst as my advisor, my teacher, and ultimately my friend. That which I learned from you can not be quantified or described, but nor can it be forgotten.

Luca Stickley ’07

Loved that Mr. Dürrschmidt. Took us to Venice in 2000. My favorite teacher. Only guy who gave me an F! Loved him a lot.

Elliot Doyle ’01

Horst Dürrschmidt on his balcony in 2009

Mr. Dürrschmidt showed me how another world exists while looking through a lens. Thanks, Mr. D! 

Whitney Tower III ’05

Horst Dürrschmidt and his photo students in Hadsall

My deepest condolences. He opened the door to photography to so many in such a gentle and kind way.

Diana Jellinek ’86

I didn't know Horst well, but while teaching at TASIS, I admired him mostly for the ease he seemed to exemplify. He appreciated who and where he was and had a ready smile for those who engaged him. I enjoyed talking to him and knowing him. To me he was a pillar at TASIS. Veteran teachers like him were the foundation and mortar that everyone else stood on. Rest in peace, good man.

Tim Callahan, former faculty member

Wow. There are not enough words to say. Horst was such an inspiration to me and so many others. My condolences to his family.

Chris Muncy ’87

Darby Hinton '75 and Horst Dürrschmidt in the Palmer Cultural Center

Thank you endlessly for teaching us so much, not the least of which is to never take the beauty that surrounds us for granted. RIP, Mr. Dürrschmidt.

Richard A. Haschke ’10

Sad news. RIP. He was a rarity in the business of teaching. He had the patience of a Saint. Personally, he opened my eyes to the world of photography and I was forever changed. He will be remembered fondly by many.

Lorenzo Angelides ’90

Oh, sad news indeed. He was the inspiration and drive behind the photographer that I am today. May he rest in peace.

Claudia Nielsen Leavitt ’88

Closing of the Coach House photo lab

He is the reason I still paint today some 40 years later! To have touched so many is a life well lived.

Deeanne Bennett ’81

"A truly beautiful person who taught me to love photography and blessed to have seen him many times after I graduated. Let us all send him over the rainbow bridge with the love and light he gave to us and truly deserves. RIP."

– Alice Cotton ’92

A gentleman, an artist, an inspirational teacher, and a wonderful colleague has left us. May you Rest In Peace, Horst, and share your art with the angels…

Peter C. Mott, former faculty

Horst Dürrschmidt with Lynn Aeschliman at his home in Montagnola

I ended up being an art historian. Horst played a crucial role in my education, and I was grateful to have had such a creative and encouraging teacher. As his students and friends, we are part of his great legacy, and he lives in us and in our hearts.

– Armando Droulers ’77

My mentor, my teacher, my friend is gone but his spirit and brilliance live on. Horst: a unique person to whom I owe a deep debt of gratitude.

Janne Sirén ’88

It is rare in our world for one person to touch the lives of so many others, students and adults, as Horst has. His life and these marvelous tributes to him put his generosity of spirit on display. During my years as Head of School in the late 1970s, Horst taught us all about art, culture, photography, beauty, and integrity. When I visited Lugano again about a half-dozen years ago, my wife and I spent some excellent (and unscheduled) time with Horst, sharing good food, good wine, his home, opera music, and a newer Lugano art museum. I loved that personal time, far more than I'd had during the years when I was school head and he was a faculty member. I understand more about Horst the man, the humanity, the deep sense of propriety and the good, and his remarkable, broad, eclectic (but, yes! opinionated) world outlook. Horst was the treasure that keeps on giving. A very special man.

Peter Stevens, former Headmaster


It saddens me so to hear about beloved Horst. As a dorm father, teacher, and friend, Horst was a very special and beautiful part of my life and will be greatly missed. Being the caring, loving, and special human being he was, I know there are a lot he touched around the world that are feeling this loss too! My heart and healing prayers go out to them.

Darby Hinton ’75

Very sad news indeed! I first met Horst in Darmstadt in 1963. Thereafter, he traveled to the US where he became my student, but really we were great friends. I am slated to fly to Milan in June and had previously arranged to meet. He is an incredible miss.

Charles Zuill


Horst was an example of  how to truly live your passions and inspire others. I'm so grateful for his wisdom, humble nature, and exceptional service and leadership he exemplified through his words and actions.

– Angela Broeckel, former faculty member

I remember you, Horst, my dear colleague, in countless ways. Let me start with your avid support of all endeavors artistic, ranging from your beloved photography or painting or sculpting to acting or singing or dancing…AND listening with a fine ear to exquisite music. Then, your whole-hearted approach to teaching and mentoring inspired so many of us with its central focus on clarity, dedication to excellence, and celebration of achievement. Your kindly but definite challenges brought out the best in whoever was privileged to be entrusted to your care and/or to work alongside of you. Further, you always sought to build up, whether structures or the confidence in people, this latter with one of the gentlest, heartiest voices I have ever known. Finally, I thank you for your long-time loving friendship, generosity and help… and even for introducing me to "spaghetti nero" on one of our outings in search of culinary delights. Ruhe in Frieden, Horst, mein samfter, edler und unvergesslicher Freund—Du hast ein Paradies mit Opernmusik verdient!

Joseph Michael Horak, former faculty member

“Vissi d’arte....non feci mai male ad anima viva!” Tosca, Puccini.

Horst, you touched so many lives and around the world so many hearts will have been saddened by your passing. But so many thoughts will have turned to happy memories of life-shaping moments shared with you in the Coach House...a haven for many. What better testament could there be for an educator. I hope you fully understood the influence you had in so many lives and why your life was so important. During the 28 years I worked with you, I admired your dedication, hard work, and consummate professionalism. I missed you at TASIS after you left. I would walk past your house and smell the cooking and hear the sounds of opera ...your other passions… and I hoped you were enjoying a well-deserved rest. A life with purpose. A job well done. Horst, it was a privilege to have known you.

Howard Stickley, former faculty member

Wendy Kessel and Annika Fibbioli on the Kay Hamblin Terrace with Horst during the Şahenk Fine Arts Center Opening weekend

I was so lucky to have crossed paths with him from 87–90. His energy and love for his art was something that, when I mention TASIS, his name is number two behind Mrs. Fleming. He will not be forgotten.

Patrick Nunley ’90

A true gentleman and inspiring teacher, students and colleagues were most fortunate to have studied and worked with Horst.

DeHaven Fleming, former faculty member

Horst Dürrschmidt with Ali Toscani '06 in the Coach House photo lab

A beloved friend and mentor. He made 1988 bearable. RIP, my Friend. Auf Wiedersehen!

Patrick Ross ’88

Horst Dürrschmidt working with a student in 2001

Thank you Horst for enriching our lives with your passion.

Barry Iverson ’74

Paul Greenwood and Horst Dürrschmidt receive gifts for years of service from Mrs. Fleming during the Faculty Banquet

Deepest condolences to the TASIS family. I appreciate connecting with him both in Lugano and at the LA reunions. He cares about his students, and I was amazed how accurately he remembered those of us from the classes of 81 thru 83.

Tania Nordstrom ’82

I remember Horst being a truthful teacher, always siding with the student, not with the faculty. I remember him as the teacher who taught me the Art of photography, the taking of the picture, the developing the film and the printing. I remember the Advisor's dinners at his house in Montagnola, having fun and drinking beer even when we couldn’t. I remember that even when we were no longer in school, when in Lugano, we used to always pass by and say hello while he was teaching one of his classes, with the same passion that he always shared with his students. I remember the jokes that we used to play on him, and one I want to share with you. One night, Andrea Speroni ’85, Pietro Vago ’86, and I were having dinner at the house of Alessandro Lo Monaco ’86. Pietro, at one point, came up with the wicked idea to go to Horst’s house and throw some stones (small) onto his roof. We immediately agreed and directed ourselves to Montagnola where we gathered a bunch of stones which we smartly then threw on Horst’s roof. Horst’s immediate reaction, once he heard the dinging on his head, was to exit the house and see what was happening, looking everywhere for the cause. We, of course, were well hidden behind some fences and were laughing like crazy. These actions went on for ½ hour, with Horst alternating his inspections by looking out of his windows, suddenly exiting the front door, etc. Not totally happy with our joke, we went into a local bar and, using the inhouse phone, we called his house and presented ourselves as the Comune supervisor. We told him that we had been contacted by the local police in reference to several complaints which many residents have put through regarding some strange noises which were heard on top of their roofs. We then asked him if he had experienced such a problem. He replied in a perfect Italian, but with his natural strong German accent, “YES, YES, I heard it. Several months later we went back and redid the joke. This time Pietro wanted to construct a wall in front of his house door. Just imagine the face that he would have had in the morning opening his door. Thank God we then were more mature and did not go through with this plan. Couple of years after, on one of our visits, we told him about this story that he still well remembered. We all loudly laughed about it and that is the picture that we want to remember him with. Ciao Horst! 

Saba Dell’Oca, President Class of 85  Andrea Speroni, Vice President Class of 85  Pietro Vago ’86  Alessandro Lo Monaco ’86

So sad—he was amazing; a great teacher and a really good person. A life well-lived.

Julie Springer ’80

Horst Dürrschmidt, Mark Aeschliman, and Carlo De Sigis at Nicla Mambretti's wedding reception held in Casa Fleming on December 11, 1981

Very sad to hear about this news. He was a great teacher and mentor.

Kerim Soyoğuz ’96

Horst Dürrschmidt, Kay Hamblin, Lynn Fleming Aeschliman '63, and Cynthia Whisenant at Mrs. Fleming's Birthday party in Casa Fleming

Warmest wishes and condolences to his near and dear ones. He was an inspiration to many and a dedicated teacher and mentor.

Susanne Ådahl ’85

Thank you for all your years of dedicated service and inspiration to young hearts and minds! My deepest condolences to the Dürrschmidt family and to the entire TASIS community.

Debbie Michels ’83

Ali Toscani '06 and Horst Dürrschmidt in the Coach House photo lab

I never took an art class at TASIS, yet he knew me. He was one of those teachers who took the time to know all the students at the school and was an amazing source of support. RIP, Mr. Dürrschmidt.

Domenico Casolari ’87

One of my fondest memories of Horst goes back to January 1982. TASIS winter break in St. Moritz (Laudinella Hotel) was over, and for the first time ever the Headmaster had asked the Business Office to let a banker stay in St. Moritz for the entire period and I, being the junior in the B.O., was the natural choice. When school packed up and left, I ended up standing in the freezing cold waiting for the yellow "postale" to take me back to Menaggio (Lake Como) when an old battered VW "beetle" stopped by and Horst waved me in. We had a wonderful long journey down the mountain (it was snowing madly and I still don't understand how the beatle made it), I had a free ride, a free art history and photography lesson and listened in awe to his passionate speech. Back home he stopped for lunch at our place and he charmed my mum and dad in German, a language they both spoke. A true gentleman and one you didn't need to see every day to love, respect, and miss. Ciao Horst!

Daniele Pelizzari, former staff member

Such an inspiring and encouraging mentor. Almost 45 years later, I still remember the words he said to me that opened my mind to a whole new way of creating. Always in my heart.

Corina Kiefer Chester ’79

This is so sad. He jump started my passion for photography and taught me photoshop. I always wanted to tell him that it was thanks to him that I landed my dream jobs at NBC Universal. He was so kind and patient.

Anastasia Maria Cimino ’09

Horst was never my teacher, but he was an ever-present figure in my life. He was a friend of my parents and a friend of mine. I have so many fond memories of him...from Christmas Eve dinners with my family (he made a mean tiramisu) to running into him on walks around Montagnola and grabbing coffee at the cafe by his house... Thinking of him and all the TASIS students and faculty that are mourning him. Horst was a real one.

James Eichner ’07

RIP, Horst Dürrschmidt! Thank you for inspiring us and thank you mostly for creating friendships which still last today. You shall be missed.

Simon David ’08

We are all better people for having known him.

Loretta McPheeters ’93

Martyn Dukes and Horst in 2012

The world has lost a beautiful soul. Horst had that innate ability to help his students find their blocks and then give them the tools to let them go. I'll never forget my first class and piece of work with him and my shocked statement, "Oh wow, I am an artist!" I had always been told I was terrible... And here I am today still painting and creating. He touched SO MANY lives, and we were lucky to be with him for awhile...I just wish I had reached out before to share this with him. Such a loss.

– Laney Sproat Pitt ’78

Horst, in every shade of my black & white photographs is your gift of teaching to me. I will treasure each one of them, as it will always be my favorite art. Infinitamente grata. Ciao Horst!

Maria Meratti ’89

I have always had fond memories of calling in on you, on my way up to Montagnola, for a chat, good music, your art collection, and the best wine. I remember you helping me to maneuver my car, having parked it rather awkwardly behind a tree. You and I laughed so much. I was useless at parking my car, but we always had a laugh. RIP Horst.

Anne-Marie Loughnane, former faculty member

Mr. Dürrschmid was my favorite teacher and advisor of choice. He taught me photography and an appreciation for the arts. My leadership style today is heavily influenced by the way he and Mrs. Fleming would always trust students and give them responsibilities to grow into.

Mathias Muehlhofer ’95

I have fond memories of my year at TASIS and my excellent photography teacher Mr. Dürrschmidt. I will always remember his positive demeanor and encouragement. He once took a photo of me and my twin brother at age twelve, which still hangs on my parent’s wall nearly 30 years later—and will always remind us of him.

Luca Steiner ’94

Last night I found out about Horst's passing from my former colleague and friend Kelly Zacha Merritt. My condolences to the TASIS family for this great loss. I was hired to replace Horst when he took a year sabbatical back in 2001, a one-year position teaching in Switzerland that lasted 15 years in all at three different schools! I had the privilege of working together with him in the Coach House for a few years after he returned from his year off. Like others have noted here, Horst's generosity, kindness, and expertise were greatly appreciated! I remember riding in his little red sports car zipping around Montagnola, dinners at his home—listening to opera and drinking wine—he was a fabulous cook! We had long conversations about teaching, art, and aesthetics. I remember a photo shoot with students at the abandoned sanitorium up the hill, and still have one of his images from that day. I'm deeply saddened by his passing. He made such an impact on our students and faculty alike. Rest in Peace my dear friend and mentor Horst. Your life mattered greatly and I am thankful to have known you for a short while.

SueAnn Walentuk, former faculty member

I’ll never forget our Photography Academic Travel adventure to Rome. My first time there and it was an amazing trip from such a different perspective! Horst was a warm, gentle, kind man and a magnificent teacher and friend. Rest In Peace, dear Horst.

Ann Haldy, former staff member


Horst was one of the key figures regarding my (well)being in Switzerland. In 2007 he gave me his job! The shoes I had to fill were of a very big size. Luckily, I had no idea. Otherwise I might have withdrawn my application. Thank you, Horst, for your mentorship and guidance! (The photos I've sent are of the Fine Art Soiree at Mark Aeshliman's house, June 2012.)

Annika Fibbioli, former faculty member

Man, what a great guy. He would encourage you and always put stuff in the kiln that belonged in the recycle bin.

Cameron Pearl ’77

Horst Dürrschmidt teaching a ceramics lesson

"Horst, my dear one, you will be missed! I already miss seeing you at Boccadora and sharing art with you. Thank you for sharing such a big heart and warm smile. Love and hugs." 

– Kelly Zacha Merritt, current faculty member

In memory of my first and only photography teacher: Mr. Dürrschmidt 

I still clearly remember those Sunday afternoons in the Spring of 1992—walking through Piazza Brocchi Montagnola, where I used to live, up the road and passing by the Castello Camuzzi and under the small tunnel arch where I could count at least 20 cats! I would start to hear Beethoven’s greatest symphonies coming from Mr. Dürrschmidt house and that’s where it all started! A couple of free, one-to-one, private photography classes on his balcony right from his house on the Ra Curta road with an amazing view of the Noranco/Grancia valley. What a privilege!!! Mr. Dürrschmidt started to teach me all the basics of photography. How to set the aperture based on depth of field, the shutter speed for sharpness, and setting the ISO for the best exposure. These were really complicated words at the beginning, but he assured me that with lots of practice it would all make sense. And in fact it did! Second step was the black and white development of each film and the print on paper of the actual photos. I used a simple manual Nikon FM2 that I practiced with every day taking pictures of just anything I could find (portraits, landscapes, close-ups, and motion). Mr. Dürrschmidt took me to the Hadsall Photo lab where the dark room was set up. I can still smell the liquids from when I entered into the complete dark rooms. Each Ilford photo paper had its own grades and lots and lots of test strips that were printed with different amounts of seconds. Once again the whole procedure wasn’t that easy at the beginning, but again Mr. Dürrschmidt encouraged me that all I needed was to practice. Wow, what an experience! From that year on, I then set up my own dark room where I lived in Montagnola and even created another one in my apartment when I worked in Geneva for 10 years. Mr. Dürrshmidt will always be part of me and I still thank him so much for the teaching and the experience he has left me. Thank you!

Marcus Di Lenardo TSLP ’92

Horst Dürrschmidt teaching in the Coach House photo lab

He always pushed me to take that extra moment so that I could look at things a little differently. He would help you find the beauty in everything. Thank you so much, Mr. Dürrschmidt.

Jack Savoretti ’01

He definitely touched and inspired many of us simply by being himself. The best way to transmit a passion. I am ever so grateful to have known him. 

Gina van Hoof ’96

"My first entrée into a photography class and dark room. It stayed with me. Always inspired and loved my time in his studio."

-Stacey Andrews McCarty ’88 PG

Lynn Fleming Aeschliman '63, Horst Dürrschmidt, Luciano Radici '86 and spouse, and Bill Eichner during the New York Reunion in 2013

The best art teacher ever! Rest In Peace, Mr. Dürrschmidt. May your souls see the lights of heaven. You have inspired and enlightened many souls.

Lamar Kanafani ’97

Art teacher SueAnn Walentuk with Horst Dürrschmidt during Spring Arts Festival 

Very sad news. One of the teachers that makes a life impression on you. Great memories. Thank you, Mr. Dürrschmidt! RIP

Marcio Siviero ’98

Such an amazing teacher and person. I learned so much from his many classes. We'll miss you, Horst!

Masa Yo ’04

I loved Horst. He was so patient with me even though I was so horrible in art. I really wanted to be a good artist and he always directed me in a way that made me feel encouraged and never defeated. He was an amazing teacher! I am so saddened to hear of his death.

Iris Griffith Sobchak ’87

Horst Dürrschmidt and English teacher Elisabeth Malcolm

His legacy will live on in the MANY creative minds and hearts he inspired. How lucky to have had a teacher as patient and knowledgeable.

Anni Witt ’05

Horst Dürrschmidt

He was a kind soul and a great teacher, always with a smile. He will be forever cherished. May he rest in peace.

Mouna Eitouni ’86

The world has lost a great teacher. He was always so inspiring. I enjoyed having dinner with him and picking his brain. He was also a great cook. Horst Dürrschmidt, you will be sorely missed.

Tai Larson ’89

I am so sad to hear this. Mr. Dürrschmidt inspired in me a lifelong passion for photography and learning. I remember spending hours upon hours working in his studio darkroom. Long discussions under those red lights. The sound of running water. The smell of chemicals. Him sharing his knowledge. I was a lousy photographer, he was a great teacher. Patience. His perspective on the world—looking for the best in what we see. He was the best teacher. The world is lesser without the legendary Horst Dürrschmidt. Peace.

Myron Jacobson ’85

Photography students Simon David, Milo Zanecchia, and Edward Haschke '08 with Horst Dürrschmidt

I loved this man. We all have many memories on print way before phones and cameras. David Grimes became a photographer, thanks, in part, to him. He was also my guidance counselor. RIP, fine friend.

Jeff Duckham ’79


Horst started teaching at TASIS the fall after I graduated, but I got to know him when I returned to teach German and English in the TSLP 1980–1983. He was such a warm and caring individual. My special memory of him was when I returned with my wife and children for a campus afternoon visit 23 years later, in the summer of 2006. I learned he was still around and so we dropped by at his home, totally unannounced. He welcomed us all in, served us cold drinks on his patio, and we spent a bit of time catching up and reminiscing. His genuine warmth and kindness impressed my family, and I was so glad they got to meet him. Sincere condolences to his family, friends, and all who were blessed to know him.

Dorry Kenyon ’74

I ended up being an art historian. Horst played a crucial role in my education, and I was grateful to have had such a creative and encouraging teacher. As his students and friends, we are part of his great legacy, and he lives in us and in our hearts.

Armando Droulers ’77

Caro Horst Dürrschmidt , grazie per la tua disponibilità, professionalità e sensibilità per l'arte. Io non ho frequentato la scuola americana a Montagnola ma ho imparato molto con i tuoi ritratti ad iniziare dalla luce del soggetto fotografato fino alla scelta della carta su cui vedere il risultato finale.Tu hai creduto in me un fotografo e mi avevi scelto due volte ad esporre le mie fotografie negli spazi della scuola.Grazie

Antonio Rezzonico, friend

Horst - una persona così cara, gentile, allegra, un signore! Sono molto dispiaciuta di sapere che ci ha già lasciati. Sarà ricordato con affetto da tutti coloro che hanno avuto la fortuna di conoscerlo!

Che riposi in pace,

Marilù Riva (former staff member)



I recall the very first time I met Horst when I started at TASIS in 7th grade and was deciding whether to do art or photography. He completely converted me to photography when he demonstrated how to print a photo from a negative in the dark room and showed me the magic of seeing an image appear in the developer bath. I was lucky to have him as a teacher, advisor, and mentor. I created many friendships and memories from the times in the Coach House. Last time I was in Lugano was 2012. My dear friend and best man, Milos Smoljanic, was in Lugano too. As our friendship was forged in the photo lab, we decided to pay a surprise visit to Horst. He immediately recognized us and welcomed us in for a long catchup chat and a few beers from his iconic home. Horst was a legend. May his soul rest in peace. (Picture with former student Milos Smoljanic, 1997–1999, who was also a student of Horst's. He also sends his condolences. Milos still holds a camera till this day.)

Ibo Mango ’02

Horst Dürrschmidt opened the lens to a whole new world and just as with me his impact lives on in Thousands and will continue to flourish bearing seed after seed. He was a blessing to us all. Ciao Bello!

Michele Jordan-Wright ’88

Four years I spent learning from Horst everything he could share about photography, and to this day I treasure what I have gained. Technique yes, but more importantly, an appreciation for the arts, beyond photography, which ever since then, I have kept in my knowledge base. I feel lucky to have been able to have this formative experience and acquire a way to look and listen to things—particularly paintings, photograph, and music—in a special way. And lucky to have known Horst personally, beyond TASIS and for all these years. Just a few months ago we were discussing Wagner, Asian art, and manga in his living room…And of course, red wine! Ciao Horst.

Federico Stroppiana ’87

Vasiliy Vavilov '03


Horst through the years

Horst Dürrschmidt in 1975

Horst Dürrschmidt teaching a ceramics lesson

Horst Dürrschmidt setting up the Arts Festival show in 1983

Horst Dürrschmidt in the Coach House photo lab in 1982

Horst Dürrschmidt

Horst Dürrschmidt and his photo students in Hadsall

Horst Dürrschmidt and English teacher Elisabeth Malcolm

Horst Dürrschmidt and his class on In-Program travel

Horst Dürrschmidt, Mark Aeschliman, and Carlo De Sigis at Nicla Mambretti's wedding reception held in Casa Fleming on December 11, 1981

Horst Dürrschmidt teaching in the Coach House photo lab

Horst Dürrschmidt working with a student in 2001

Horst Dürrschmidt with Ali Toscani '06 in the Coach House photo lab

Ali Toscani '06 and Horst Dürrschmidt in the Coach House photo lab

Horst Dürrschmidt and Luca Stickley '07

Horst Dürrschmidt teaching in the Coach House photo lab

Paul Greenwood and Horst Dürrschmidt receive gifts for years of service from Mrs. Fleming during the Faculty Banquet

Horst Dürrschmidt with Annika Fibbioli

Closing of the Coach House photo lab

Milo Zanecchia '08, Armando Zanecchia and Horst Dürrschmidt visiting the Spring Arts Festival show in the Palestra

Horst Dürrschmidt, Kay Hamblin, Lynn Fleming Aeschliman '63, and Cynthia Whisenant at Mrs. Fleming's Birthday party in Casa Fleming

Horst Dürrschmidt with Lynn Aeschliman at his home in Montagnola

Horst Dürrschmidt on campus beside the outdoor theater

Horst Dürrschmidt with Kristin Pedroja

Horst at home in his kitchen

Milo Zanecchia '08 and Simon David '08 present a photo book to Horst Dürrschmidt during the Şahenk Fine Arts Center Opening's Serata Ticinese

Wendy Kessel and Annika Fibbioli on the Kay Hamblin Terrace with Horst during the Şahenk Fine Arts Center Opening weekend

Art teacher SueAnn Walentuk with Horst Dürrschmidt during Spring Arts Festival 

Darby Hinton '75 and Horst Dürrschmidt in the Palmer Cultural Center

Photography students Simon David, Milo Zanecchia, and Edward Haschke '08 with Horst Dürrschmidt

Lynn Fleming Aeschliman '63, Horst Dürrschmidt, Luciano Radici '86 and spouse, and Bill Eichner during the New York Reunion in 2013

2012 Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles

Horst Dürrschmidt on his balcony in 2009