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Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center


TASIS Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides services designed to support students with diverse learning profiles and enhance the educational experience in our learning community. 

Support Services

LRC Support Services include a designated Learning Support Specialist who creates an individualized Learning Support Plan for the students they monitor, extended time on internal assignments and exams in the LRC, applications to external testing agencies for accommodations on standardized exams, and facilitation of Directed Studies (small group study sessions in grades 9-12).

For students requiring more intensive support, the LRC offers additional learning support services which include systematic structured support in literacy and mathematics and evidence-based methods to help students to improve their use of executive functions.

The LRC operates as a school community resource, offering initiatives designed to enrich educational experiences and learning opportunities for all.

More Information

Parents of current TASIS students can access more information by logging into the Parent Portal and exploring the Learning Resource Center folder. There you will  find a detailed description of all services offered, the fees associated with these services, and other related information.

Prospective families who would like to know more about TASIS Learning Resource Center may contact Mary Baxter, Director of Learning Resource Center.

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