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Technology Responsible Use Policy

At TASIS, we strive to provide our students with the best opportunities and tools for learning. We see technology as one of those tools with great potential to facilitate information fluency, creative expression, and collaboration. We want our students to be proficient consumers and producers of information, but we also want them to be safe, legal, and responsible. While at school, the TASIS network has Internet filters and security measures in place to prevent inappropriate materials from getting through, though no filter can catch everything. For students using devices outside of the TASIS network, we cannot offer such filtering. Additionally, there is no expectation of privacy from the School when using School-provided devices, accounts, or applications.

TASIS has published a series of guidelines to help families navigate technology and social media, which are available in the Parent Portal. We highly recommend reading and discussing them as a family.

Students are expected to embrace the following responsibilities, whether on- or off-campus:

  • Respect Yourself: Offline or online, what you choose to say is a reflection of yourself. Do your best to choose appropriate usernames, words and images, check your spelling and grammar, and leave a positive impression with your audience. Remember, anything you post online could potentially stay there forever.
  • Protect Yourself: Make sure the information, images and materials you post online will not put you or your family at risk. Do not publish personally identifiable information. Protect your passwords and don't let others use your online accounts. Avoid inappropriate websites, images, and videos. Tell an adult if any websites, messages, or behaviors make you feel uncomfortable. If you are not sure what to do, ask for help.
  • Respect Others: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Try to be as clear as possible in your messages while using polite and appropriate language. Avoid gossiping, spreading rumors, or posting embarrassing photos and videos of others. Don't write anything you would be uncomfortable showing your parents or teachers. Get permission from your teachers to use personal devices while at school.
  • Protect Others: You can help stop bullying by not being a bully. If you observe mean or hurtful messages about other people, report the situation to an adult as soon as you can. Don’t steal other people’s passwords or break into their accounts. Protect the private information of others including phone numbers, home addresses, usernames, and other contact details.
  • Respect Intellectual Property: A lot of the information, images, and videos you will use for school projects and personal learning will come from the internet. Remember that digital and physical works were created by other people and you must give them credit. Write as much as possible in your own words and keep a list of your sources for all information, images, and videos you use. Although it is easy to download movies, games and software from the internet for free, it is important that creators and artists are paid for their work. If needed, ask your parents for help to legally purchase digital media.
  • Protect Physical Property: Be careful when using technology equipment. Avoid dropping equipment by carrying it in a secure way and never leaving it on the floor or on the edge of a desk. Keep food and drink away from electronic equipment. Wash your hands before using any devices. Tell your teacher right away if something is damaged or not working.

Mobile Phones

  • Please respect class time and each teacher’s rules about mobile phone use. Consequences can involve confiscation for up to one week.
  • Inappropriate material found on a phone or mobile device or forwarded from a phone or mobile device, regardless from its origins, will result in a meeting with the Dean of Students.

Computers in the Classroom

Computer use in classroom only acceptable if granted by the teacher.

Campus Wifi

The student network, WTASIS, may be accessed from 6:00-23:00. Please respect the end of the day and turn off all technology during study hours (unless necessary to complete assignments) and at lights-out or late-lights.

Anyone found on the administrator network after hours will result in a meeting with the Dean of Students.

Irresponsible or Inappropriate Use

By signing the admissions agreement, every student and his or her legal guardian agree to uphold the responsibilities listed above. Be aware that irresponsible and inappropriate use of technology tools may result in social, academic, or behavioral consequences.

These consequences and several examples of behaviors that TASIS regards as irresponsible or inappropriate uses of technology follow:

  • Social consequences include ruined friendships and damaged reputations, and may result from
  • gossiping or spreading rumors online.
  • posting hurtful information or embarrassing photos of others.
  • harassing others.
  • Academic consequences include reduced or failing grades and may result from
  • plagiarism.
  • enabling yourself or others to cheat.
  • Behavioral consequences include a conversation with your teacher, loss of the device for a class period, a meeting with the Dean of Students and disciplinary consequences, a conference with your parents, confiscation of your electronics, loss of the privilege of using technology at TASIS, or further disciplinary actions. These consequences will result from:
  • using your electronics at an inappropriate time, such as texting with friends during class or playing video games during a passing period.
  • bullying others.
  • viewing pornography or playing violent video games.
  • hacking or obstructing the network security settings and internet filters, including the use of VPNs or other tools to access inappropriate content.

Technology Misuse

The School includes responsible technology use in all divisional curriculums. Students learn about the positive aspects of the internet and social media use and are made aware that cyberbullying (including intimidation, threats, harassment, impersonation, public embarrassment/shaming, and sexual exploitation) should be reported ASAP.

Incidents which happen during School hours will be dealt with by the School. Incidents which happen outwith School hours, particularly involving day students, are ultimately the responsibility of the families involved, though the School will support families as much as is reasonable.