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Learning Technologies


Laptops, tablets, smartphones, the internet, and other technologies have become staples of modern life. At TASIS, we believe that these tools have the power to support knowledge acquisition, enable creative expression, and foster lifelong learning. We also recognize the need to teach students to be responsible, informationally literate digital citizens. Below you will find an overview of the learning technologies programs in place at each division.


All divisions enjoy wireless Internet access across the campus, protected by a robust filtering system. Each classroom is equipped with a document camera, Apple TV, and projector with audio system. Student assignments, School calendars, and family directories can be accessed through our student information system, Veracross. Students in grades 3-PG, along with all faculty and staff, utilize the Google Apps for Education suite to communicate and collaborate.

Elementary School

In order to support our youngest learners in their classrooms and meet diverse learning and language needs, the Elementary School started moving to a mobile model of technology integration in 2012. Currently equipped with an iPad for each student in Grades K-5, our students are learning a multitude of content and skills that will prepare them for success in Middle School, including the following:

  • using apps and the internet to find information and images
  • writing with word processor and graphic organizer applications
  • practicing arithmetic, spelling, and grammar
  • creating and delivering informational presentations
  • creating and editing videos and other forms of multimedia
  • developing digital citizenship skills
  • using translators and dictionaries
  • sending email communication (in grades 4-5)

All Elementary School teachers are provided a Mac laptop and iPad. Teachers work together to share ideas and design lessons that integrate technology in age-appropriate ways. They also collaborate with our Pre-K to 8 Learning Technologies Coordinator in one-on-one sessions, team meetings, and in-class lessons.

Middle School

The Middle School technology program currently uses a compulsory Bring-Your-Own-Device model. Middle School students continue to refine the communication, research, and basic computing skills that they began developing in the Elementary School. There is also a bigger emphasis placed on digital citizenship, which includes topics such as privacy, cyberbullying, grooming, and digital footprints. Students use their devices throughout the year to do the following:

  • create and deliver multimedia presentations
  • collect scientific data and write lab reports
  • practice skills in language arts and math
  • collaborate on and share their writing
  • create and edit videos
  • conduct and participate in surveys
  • research current and historical information
  • communicate with their teachers and other students

Middle School teachers receive a Mac laptop and can opt to receive an iPad. Teachers also collaborate with our Pre-K to 8 Learning Technologies Coordinator, who is available to teach or assist in classes, and for one-on-one sessions.

High School

As students in the High School move closer to life beyond TASIS, they must be prepared to meet the demands of a technology-rich and information-abundant world. TASIS provides technology-based opportunities to support these learners in developing a number of skills:

  • effective and efficient research
  • multilingual communication
  • collaboration
  • creativity and innovation
  • resourcefulness
  • problem solving
  • digital citizenship

It is recommended that students bring their own computing devices. The TASIS Library has several desktop computers available, a language lab for EAL and Modern Language students, and a photo lab for Fine Arts and Yearbook students. There are three class sets of iPads available for students of teachers participating in The High School Tech Academy.

High School teachers work together to develop and share technology-infused activities and lessons. Teachers participating in the High School Tech Academy meet monthly with the Tech Academy Coordinator to explore a variety of ways in which technology can enable student success.