The American School in SwitzerlandThe American School in Switzerland

Graduation Requirements

The minimum requirements for graduation from TASIS are 19 credits (1 credit = 120 classroom hours).

Students are required to enroll in a minimum of five full-credit courses per year or the equivalent. An alternative program of studies may be designed for students with special talents, interests, or needs. Such a program must follow established guidelines and requires the approval of the High School Academic Team.

English/EAL 4 Four years of English. All 12th grade students must pass either a 12th grade English course offered by the English Department or IB English B 2 HL (IB Diploma candidates only). Non-IB EAL students must pass English Grammar, Composition, and British Literature
Mathematics 3 Three years of Mathematics, completing through Mathematics 3 Core at a minimum
History 3 Three years of History, including Modern History and either US History or an IB Group 3 course (IB Diploma candidates only), and successful completion of the Civic Literacy Exam
Science  3 Three years of Laboratory Science
Modern Language 3 Third-year proficiency (equivalent to completion of a level 3 language at TASIS or B1 proficiency as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference) in a modern language other than English* that is offered at TASIS.
Fine Arts  1 One Fine Arts credit in visual arts, music, or theater
Health and Physical Education 1.5 All students in grades 9 and 10 are required to take Health and Physical Education.
Senior Humanities  1 Senior Humanities is fulfilled by AP US History, Art History, AP Art History, IB Art History, or, for IB students, Theory of Knowledge.
Service Learning - Earn a passing grade in the Opsahl Global Service Program each semester enrolled through 11th grade and participate in at least one global service trip—or do 20 hours of local service in lieu of a trip. New 12th grade and postgraduate students must also earn passing grades both semesters and participate in a global service trip or complete 20 hours of local service.**
Academic Travel  - Completion of all Academic Travel assignments and obligations
Sports and Activities - Fulfillment of the Sports and Activities requirements

*Native English speakers arriving in grade 11 are required to demonstrate second-year proficiency in a modern language that is taught at TASIS from the introductory level or to continue on to third-year proficiency if they have a background in French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Native English speakers arriving in grades 12 and postgraduates are expected to continue their study of a modern language or complete one year of French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

** Completion of the Service expectation is a graduation requirement and students who fail to meet this requirement must successfully complete an alternative service/reflective exercise that demonstrates volunteerism and reflection. Seniors will not receive their diploma until the requirement is satisfied.