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This Month at TASIS

This Summer at TASIS: 2022

Summer 2022

From waterskiing on Lake Lugano and exploring Switzerland’s beauty to pursuing new interests and making lasting friendships, we take a photo-driven look at this past summer at TASIS.


Lights, Camera, Action

Students in our Château des Enfants (CDE), Middle School Program (MSP), and High School Program (HSP) had the opportunity to choose Digital Photography & Filmmaking, Architecture & Design, Fashion & Textile Design, La Cucina Italiana Cooking, International Baccalaureate Preparation, Fine Art Portfolio, Musical Theater, Lean Startup Masterclass, STEAM, Academic Writing, English as an Additional Language, and French for their main academic offering. Learn more


Switzerland from A to Z

From Andermatt to Zermatt and Ascona to Zurich, our students embraced the opportunity to explore what Switzerland has to offer, taking day and overnight trips to many beautiful locations across the country. 


Staying Cool

MSP students spent the afternoon of June 27 on Lake Lugano, escaping the heat that throughout the summer routinely exceeded 30 degrees Celsius. See more photos.


Cruising Lake Lugano

CDE students explored beautiful Lake Lugano by pedal boat on the morning of June 30. See more photos.


Building with the Master

Architecture and Design students spent the first session learning from TASIS Master Teacher Mark Aeschliman, who has taught at TASIS since 1979. In just a little more than three weeks, the students learned the fundamentals of design, made blueprints for a home, and built scale models displayed in the Summer Arts Exhibit. See more photos.


Beach Staycation

A pair of CDE Minnows students (ages 4–6) played in the sandbox of TASIS’s Early Childhood Center before cooling off in a pool and grabbing a popsicle on July 8. See more photos.


River Rafters

Also on July 8, HSP students donned wetsuits, lifejackets, and helmets to raft down the whitewater of the Ticino River. See more photos.


Capturing Lasting Memories

On July 11, MSP Photography students took a field trip to the top of stunning Monte Tamaro to practice their craft. See more photos.


Dancing the Night Away

High School students enjoyed a dance party on the De Nobili Terrace on July 12. See more photos.


Talented Staff

Our talented summer staff performed for students on the evening of July 13. Teachers and counselors danced, sang, played instruments, and encouraged students to share their own talents during the upcoming Summer Arts Festival. See more photos.


Big-Kid Trip

Our oldest CDE students went on special trips to the Monte Tamaro Adventure Park on July 12, July 15, and August 10 and had a great time taking on the high ropes course.


Artist Activists

The talented artists in the Fine Art Portfolio class drew endangered animals on the walkway near De Nobili on July 18. Drawn with chalk, the temporary drawings called attention to the animals’ precarious existence on Earth. See more photos.


Friendships to Last

To commemorate their time together, Middle School students signed each other's t-shirts before the conclusion of the first summer session. See more photos.


Summer Arts Festival

Students who attend the TASIS Summer Programs in Lugano have the opportunity to pursue a huge variety of performing arts offerings—including musical theater, singing, ukulele, guitar, Orff ensemble, dance track, stomp tap, and theater tech—under the direction of the best team in the business. The students presented their work over the final few days of session one. See an archive of the wonderful performances and exhibitions.


Summer Encore

Summer staff welcomed students to campus for the second session of the TASIS Summer Programs on July 24. See more photos.


Student Scholars

Students spent four hours each Sunday–Thursday morning in the classroom, improving language skills, pursuing budding interests, and building lasting friendships. See more photos of the Academic Writing class.


Fighting for the Gold

High School students teamed up to compete in the TASIS Summer Olympics on July 27. See more photos and watch a video made by Alex Secilmis ’19 in 2021 that humorously captures the spirit of the games.


Proud Artist

On the morning of July 28, CDE Minnows used art to learn new vocabulary words in their English and French classes. See more photos.


Swiss Day Celebrations

CDE and MSP students celebrated Swiss Day with a boat cruise, dance, and fireworks on August 1. See more photos.


Alpine Adventures

MSP students spent the weekend of August 5 exploring the jagged peaks, alpine lakes, and ice caves of Engleberg. See more photos


Visiting Artists

On Wednesday nights throughout the summer, our students were treated to special performances in the Palestra as part of TASIS’s Cultural Night programming. Performances included acts by Duo Kirsch, Dahlak Brathwaite, and our talented summer staff.


Ready for the Runway

High School students in our Fashion and Textile Design course spent the second session learning the design process; experimenting with different fabrics, cuts, and stitches; and building their fashion portfolio. See more photos


Future Rossoneri

Students at TASIS have the incredible opportunity to work with coaches from the renowned AC Milan Club through the Milan Academy Scuola Calcio. See photos of our CDE, MSP, and HSP students training with the Academy.


TASIS Royalty

CDE Minnows donned handmade crowns and toured the Bellinzona Castles on August 5. See more photos.


Lightbulb Moments

MSP students in our summer STEM course worked with circuit boards and computer programming on August 9. See more photos of MSP classes in action.


Best Seller Returns

Former TASIS summer counselor turned award-winning author Ben Hatke returned to campus on August 2 to discuss writing and cartooning with CDE and MSP students.


S’mores and More

CDE students roasted marshmallows and sang songs with Mr. Mikey one evening during their two-night camping trip to Novaggio on August 3–5. See more photos


Summer Arts Festival: The Sequel

Students across all programs performed for their peers and parents during the Second Session Summer Arts Festival. See an archive of the outstanding performances and arts exhibitions.


“Always Together We Will Be”

The 2022 TASIS Summer Programs concluded with a heartfelt rendition of the TASIS song, “T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.” Our summer students and staff went their separate ways on August 13, but as the song goes, “Always together we will be.”


60 Moments in 60 Seconds

Our team of photographers captured these moments throughout the exciting summer of 2022.