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This Month at TASIS

This Summer at TASIS: 2021

Summer 2021

From windsurfing on Lake Lugano and exploring Switzerland’s beauty to developing new skills and making lasting friendships, we take a photo-driven look at this past summer at TASIS.


Back Again!

On June 26, first-session summer students returned to campus for the first time since 2019 to take part in the world-renowned TASIS Summer Programs, which were canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic. Before the summer was out, more than 300 students would converge on campus for an exciting period marked by growth, adventure, and friendship.



Engaging Academics

Students spent four hours each Sunday–Thursday morning studying a language, STEAM, digital photography, architecture and design, academic writing, entrepreneurship, musical theater, Italian cooking, IB prep, or fashion and design.



Outdoor Adventure

MSP and TSP students spent their afternoons outdoors. Some students paddleboarded or windsurfed on Lake Lugano, some tried rock climbing, yoga, or Crossfit, and others played basketball, soccer, or volleyball.



Switzerland from A to Z

From Andermatt to Zermatt and Ascona to Zurich, our students embraced the opportunity to explore what Switzerland has to offer, taking day and overnight trips to many beautiful locations across the country.



Fast Friends

Students forged lasting friendships while participating in fun events like the TASIS Summer Olympics (see video above), Garden Party, Boat Dance, slip-and-slide kickball, and tutti singing and exciting trips, activities, and events on a daily basis.



Bella Bellinzona

On July 14, CDE students learned about Switzerland during the Middle Ages and visited the beautiful Bellinzona castles.



Renaissance Fair

Later, CDE expanded upon their trip by traveling back in time to the 1400s for an entertaining Renaissance Fair. Students wore handmade medieval costumes and crowns, learned about fencing and jousting, produced soap and candles, designed flags, snacked on homemade bread, and danced around a maypole. See more photos.



Serve’s Up

Some MSP and TSP students spent the afternoon of July 14 playing beach volleyball a short walk from campus. See more photos.



Flying High

With the beautiful Hadsall Playground just outside their classroom doors, CDE students spent many enjoyable moments playing outdoors. See more photos.



Architects in Training

MSP and TSP students dropped by the Şahenk Fine Arts Building on the last day of session one classes to admire the impressive models built by Architecture and Design students. See more photos.



Rock On, CDE

CDE students wowed their peers with impressive demonstrations of song and dance during their first-session talent show on July 19. See more photos.



Talent Show Celebration

As the first session of the Summer Programs neared its conclusion, MSP and TSP students showcased their talents in the Palestra on the evening of July 20. Watch the full show and see more photos.



CDE Final Performances

For the first time, CDE capped a summer session with a performance on the beautiful Monticello Terrace. The youngsters treated their parents to a concert of lively songs and choreography. See more photos.



Last Night Together

MSP and TSP closed down the first session in style with a boat dance on beautiful Lake Lugano. Alex Secilmis ’19 chronicled the action in video and photos (MSP album and TSP album).



Goodbye to Session One

On July 22, first-session students bid farewell to their friends and counselors after four memorable weeks in Lugano. See more photos.



Welcome to Session Two

Just three days later, our amazing summer staff was out in full force to welcome second-session students to campus on July 25.



Challenged, Inspired, Engaged

The academic component of the TASIS Summer Programs is an opportunity for students to dive deeply into their passions—whether it’s new languages, musical theater, architecture, fashion, or more. Discover our courses.



Palestra Globetrotters

Students from around the world bond over afternoon sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball that have them working as a team.




A pair of CDE students celebrated a foosball goal during a hotly contested match on July 28.



High-Stakes Jenga

MSP and TSP high rollers enjoyed an evening of games in the Palestra on July 28. See more MSP and TSP photos.



Cruising Lake Lugano

CDE students explored beautiful Lake Lugano on pedal boats on the morning of July 29. See more photos.



Swiss Travelers

Travel is a staple of the TASIS Summer Programs. During second session alone, MSP and TSP students took day and overnight trips to Andermatt, Ascona, Cadagno, Locarno, Lucomagno, Luzern, Sattel-Hochstuckli, Tencia, Tesserete, Zermatt, and Zurich.



A Delicious Feast

Fish with garlic and pesto sauce, beef lasagna, potatoes au gratin, deviled eggs, fruit tarts, and tiramisu—the TSP Cucina Italiana cooking class prepared and enjoyed a feast for lunch on August 4. See more photos.



Fabulous Fashionistas

The creativity of the TSP Fashion and Design students was put to the test on the morning of August 9 when they were tasked with transforming plain white t-shirts into stylish articles of clothing. See more photos.



CDE Science Fair

CDE students had a blast conducting fun science experiments on the morning of August 10. See more photos.



Little Prince, Big Performance

Sandra Preciado’s MSP Musical Theater students did a wonderful job performing The Little Prince in the Palmer Center on August 13. The excellent musical was based on the book by Antoine Saint Exupery, with music and lyrics written by Paul Peglar and Sabrina Jacob. Watch the full performance and see more photos.



Monticello Crooners

CDE students spent their final moments together performing a few songs for their families on the Monticello Terrace on August 13. See more photos.



“Always Together We Will Be”

As is tradition, the TASIS Summer Programs concluded with a heartfelt rendition of the TASIS song, “T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.” On August 14, we watched summer students depart until next June, but as the lyrics go, “Always together we will be.”