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This Month at TASIS

March 2023

March 2023

From the Fleming Cup ski race and the conclusion of winter athletics to the premiere of the High School Musical and the arrival of spring, we take a photo-driven look at the past month at TASIS.


Proud Parents

Parents of grade 1 students joined their children for a publishing party in Focolare on March 3. The young students wrote research booklets about exotic animals—in English and Italian—to share with their parents. See more photos


TASIS Trivia

The High School Student Council hosted a students vs faculty trivia contest during assembly on March 6.


The Power of Persuasion

How wild animals benefit from zoos, the pros and cons of a school dress code, the power of positive thinking—students in grade 3 presented persuasive essays to their classmates on March 9. See more photos.


Visiting Artists

On March 9, TASIS welcomed La Compagnie de Théâtre du Héron for two beautiful performances of Notre-Dame De Paris in the Palmer Cultural Center.


Ski Cup Racers

The TASIS Ski Team returned to the slalom course on March 9 to compete in the Aiglon International Schools Ski Cup in Villars-Sur-Ollon. See more photos.


Winter Warriors

The varsity winter athletics season concluded over the weekend of March 10 with a number of European Sports Conference Championships across Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium. The Swimming team competed in Brussels, the Badminton team in Lausanne, the Boys Basketball team in Milan, and the Girls Basketball team in Zug. Learn more.


World Championship Tuneup

On March 13, members of TASIS’s High School Robotics team, which qualified for this year’s VEX World Championship in Dallas, took inventory of the hundreds of pieces that make up their robot in preparation for the championship on April 25–May 4.


Life in the Fast Lane

Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton, a highly decorated combat fighter pilot and bestselling author, delivered an engaging keynote address and visited a number of classrooms over the course of March 14–16. His visit was the third installment of the 2022–2023 TASIS Speaker Series. Learn more.


A Season to Celebrate

High School varsity athletes and their coaches gathered in Villa De Nobili on the evening of March 15 to celebrate the conclusion of another successful winter sports season. See more photos.


Poets Who Know It

Grade 2 students shared their original poetry with parents and classmates in Hadsall on March 16. See more photos.


Preparing for Spring Arts Festival

Mr. Matthew Frazier-Smith’s Middle School theater students have been hard at work preparing for the premiere of Once Upon a Mattress, which they will perform in the Palmer Center on May 12–14 as part of the 2023 TASIS Spring Arts Festival. See more photos from the rehearsal on March 16.


Campus Cheer

Led by Coach Amy Hutchinson, the members of the newly formed High School Pom team practiced their routine in the Dance Studio on March 16. See more photos.


Living History Museum

On the evening of March 16, 5th-grade students dressed up like citizens of the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations and turned the Kay Hamblin Terrace into a "living history museum." The students took on different personas and taught guests what it was like to be a part of the Mesoamerican cultures. See more photos.


Amazing Artists

The 2023 IB Visual Arts Final Exhibition opened in the Palestrina on March 17, showcasing the spectacular work of eight IB artists in grade 12. See more photos.


Apps for TASIS

Middle School students in Ms. Amy Bloodworth's Computer Science class spent the winter designing apps to help the TASIS community as part of Amazon's GetIT education program. On the morning of March 17, the young coders presented proposals for their apps—Pets Go!, OutfitSpot, Just Vote, and Dayzee—to their classmates and to a visiting Amazon Web Services GetIT Ambassador. The groups will incorporate the feedback they received and make final changes before submitting their designs to the Swiss-wide AWS GetIT competition later this spring. See more photos.


TASIS Traditions

More than 50 High School students competed in the Fleming Cup ski and snowboard race in Splügen on March 19, marking the largest turnout since this beloved TASIS tradition was resurrected in 2021. Learn more.


Creative Collaborators

Students in Ms. Caroline Rossi’s 2nd-grade art class worked together to build sculptures out of paper on March 20. See more photos.


Interview with a Rock Star

Italian DJ, producer, singer, musician, and TV presenter Francesco Facchinetti joined the High School’s performing arts assembly on March 20, answering questions before performing a few songs with the help of TASIS’s student body and faculty. See more photos.


In Bloom

Dr. Chris Love’s Honors World Literature class circled up for a class discussion outdoors on sunny March 20.



The TASIS High School Theater Company put on four outstanding performances of Mary Poppins, JR. in the Palmer Cultural Center on March 23–26. Learn about the cast and see more photos.


The TASIS Connection Runs Deep

Nearly 100 TASIS alumni spanning six decades gathered at the elegant Jonathan Club in Los Angeles on March 24 to reminisce about their magical days in Lugano. Learn more.


Campus Soundtrack

Ms. Rachelle Hugg’s 4th-grade music students practiced recorder duets on the Hadsall lawn on March 27. See more photos.


Hermann Hesse in Context

Students in Dr. Chris Love's 10th-grade Honors World Literature class have been reading The Glass Bead Game, the last full-length novel by German-Swiss writer Hermann Hesse. On March 29 the class had the special opportunity to tour the iconic author's museum in Montagnola to learn about his writing process and time in Ticino, where he spent the final 43 years of his life before being laid to rest in the quiet cemetery of Sant'Abbondio in 1962.

As part of the tour, Lucilla Janssen, leader of the museum’s cultural mediation and education activities, explained elements of Hermann Hesse’s life and cultural context that helped the Honors World Literature students come to a deeper understanding of The Glass Bead Game. See more photos.